Music, Coffee and Hookers.


Okay.  So I really don’t have any hookers.  I just put that in my title so you’d think my life was more interesting.  Wait!  Wait! Fucking wait!  I have.. uh… I have a uhm, hamster?  Yeah.  He’s cool.  Keep reading.  Because I have a hamster and that makes me cool, like that girl in school you thought was so awesome but she never invited you to her sleepovers.

Aw. Fuck it.  You can click off my blog now.  This one is not going to be even remotely interesting.  Like I said.  No hookers.

Happy Saturday Lurkers.  I am starting off my weekend with a good cup of coffee, some music and periodically throwing marshmallow cereal at my four year old.  We could make a game out of it, seriously.  Plus she’s sitting there just grinning at me, looking incredibly like me right before I do something stupid, so of course I have to throw shit at her.

So I kind of, sort of got in a little tiff with a friend of mine last night.  We were talking about me not going out.  Or him wanting me to come out.  If you didn’t gather from the last entry, I was staying in last night because I felt like crap and because I need to save money.  For some reason shit didn’t compute in his head.

I explained that one, I felt like crap and I wanted to stay in and read.  He responded with “well you never let that stop you before!”.  So I went on to point two.  I have no license, so if I wanted to go out, someone would have to pick me up or I’d have to take a taxi, which is more than fine, except for point three… I am saving money.  He offered to pick me up as a counter attack.  I declined because I’d still have to pay a sitter and dude-christ-I-felt-like-roadkill.

He got a little mad at me, but you know what?  Jesus I needed a night in.  I’m sure there will be another night where I’m jonesin to get out, but last night?  No.  I was more than content reading my new book on the couch by myself.  Why is it so hard to understand that I need a night off too!

So I guess the fight is resolved and he’s still okay with me even though I’m a lame sometimes but still.  Children.  Sometimes Sarah goes hermit.  Get over it.  :)  Besides I’m up to my eyeballs in this Anita Blake Book.  Also known as analog porn.  So yeah you lose.


7 thoughts on “Music, Coffee and Hookers.

  1. Hey S.
    What aBlake novel are you on?? I actually really like this series. But I gotta say, her Meridith Gentry series is what go me hooked on Laurell k. Hamilton. I have all the books as PDF’s if you have an ereader, or wouldn’t mind reading on your screen. It is a great way to save a bit of money and still feed the Hamilton jones.
    Let me know!
    I hope this note finds you well and happy, Drop me a line if you get a minute!

  2. Hey girl, I’m on Bullet, I waited until Borders went out of business so I could get it cheap. I had heard it wasn’t as good as the others. So far it’s not bad. Do you have the newest? I did like Meridith Gentry but I only have like two of the books. :( If you have them as PDF’s I’d LOVE them. Did you read any of the Kim Harrison Books? I loved her writing, but I’m finished with all the released ones so far lol. How are you?

    • Hmmm, you should be able to just attach them to the email, what does it say when you try that? And Sookie? Hell yes, I loved those books, but I’m the odd one out, I hate the tv series. What did you think of them? And Kim Harrison is simular to the Anita books but with less (not none) sex and a lot more humor. I highly recommend her books!

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