A weekend in.


Money is short this pay period due to me being responsible and paying off crap that’s been bugging me, so I wanted to save the remainder of my money.  So this weekend I haven’t gone out, and quite frankly, it was/is nice.  I guess everyone needs a mental break now and then, especially from the pack of morons I hang out with on the weekends (love you guys, but reading everyones facebook statuses this morning gave me a headache).

Yesterday was phenomenally relaxing.  Noodle and I hung out all day, if we weren’t outside, we were inside cooking and baking (with a bit of cleaning on the side, kind of like under-done french fries… highly unappetizing but someone’s got to eat them.)

In the afternoon T and J brought their little Monster over to play with Noodle and that was just too much fun.  We got to sit and talk while the kids played and made unmotivated attempts at annoying us.  I’m definitely enjoying their company and look forward to picking their brains again.

I even bartered with my neighbors.  2lbs of Venison Steaks for home-grown carrots, and you can guess who started with the bambi meat… this girl with the black thumb.  I think between the meat from my family and the veggies from my neighbors I eat more organic than most crunchy people do.

Spending that much time outside was wonderful, the weather was perfect for it.  Blue skies, breezy, 75 degrees, I was in heaven.  I sat outside while Noodle rode her tricycle, writing, I wrote prolly 20 or so pages in my physical journal which helped so much.  Just letting my fingers do the walking, clearing out my head and writing out all my issues on paper.  The only way I can describe that is like breaking free from jail, the immense rush of freedom and clarity.

In the evening Ry came over and Adam stopped by too.  Beers on the front step.  Very chill.  Then of course I dragged Ry inside where my music was and just hung out.  It’s been a while since I’ve found someone who doesn’t mind spending so much time in my kitchen…. besides the kitchen parties of years past of course.   Things change, but I like this better.

Today? Laundry, playing outside, Coffee, building a shed, maybe a walk.  Something.  Just going with it.   :)


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