Trigger Hand.


Sometimes I just have to have a down right bad day to be reminded that there are good people in this world.  There are people out there who are willing to put a hand out and help you just because.  I was reminded that all that good energy I try (and sometimes force myself to) put out there always comes full circle.

Today, my ride to work bailed on me with out calling.  I guess there was a family emergency, which I understand but this is about the progression of the day after that point, so I hope the best to her family and hope everyone finds peace.  So I was sitting outside, panicking, and I was forced to call a cab.  I have one that I favor and will use before I use any other one, hell at this point I’d let that crazy old man adopt me into his family.

The first day after my DUI I called this company to get to work and on the long drive to work, we talked and he learned my story.  We talked about my DUI, the facts of that, myself being a completely single mom and ourselves.  He vowed to help me in any way he could, he assured me that I’d get through this and be a stronger single mom than I already was.  I chalked it up to him being a dirty hippy and a good cabbie, thanked him for his time and fare discount and put his card in my wallet.

This morning I called him again.  He remembered me instantaneously.  “You’re the DUI momma with the blonde headed baby!?  Screw this job, I’ll be there in 10  minutes.”  He was there in less than that, I knew it was him because as I dragged my nose out of my coffee I watched him pull up in the driveway, cigarette hanging out of his ancient mouth “Sarah! Lets Rock and Roll baby, we gottah get you to work!”.

I fell off the stoop.

We hopped in, with out prompting he drove right to Noodle’s preschool, and with out a word batted my hand away when I pointed out he hadn’t started the meter.  We dropped Noodle off at school, with him  bellowing “Rock and Roll Princess! Have a good day at school!” which of course set Noodle off on her “Really Momma, I’m a princess?”.

He started the meter.  We talked.  He ranted about the police.  I laughed.  We drank coffee.  He recounted the storm he drove through on the way home last time. We stopped for more coffee.  He turned off the meter 15 minutes before we got there.  My fare was half of what it was supposed to be.

As we I was getting out of the cab to go inside my office, he reminded me, “If you need anything just call me and I’ll be there for you and Blondie.” Followed by “Now I’m off to drive those rich prick fucks to the airport.”

I spent half of my day in awe.  Someone who had given me a ride once, had gone out of their way for me.  Had been a nice person and listened.  Had helped.  Had dropped everything and lost money to be there.  Had made me laugh even though my laughter had no direct impact on his day.



The day proceeded on, a lot of shit happened, I got aggravated.  I got tired.  Fast forward.

My friend, who is also my ex’s ex, volunteered to drive me home from work, and help out in the future.  She saved my ass out of nowhere today, and all I’ve done for her is not kill her hamster.  :)  Another one.  Then a text from another friend I’m just getting to know, offering the same.  He actually drove me home earlier this week, and drove 45 minutes to come get me in the first place.  A 3rd person.  In reality a 4th person this week, can’t forget my other buddy who picked me up twice.  Saved my butt twice and made me grin from ear to ear.

Tonight, I stepped outside to walk wonder-mutt.  My neighbor’s family friend came over in my yard.  He let me know if I ever need a ride, whether or not it’s to and from work, to the grocery store, or whatever that him and his wife would help out.  My neighbor had told him about the fiasco this morning, and he wanted to help out.  I’ve spoken to him for maybe an hour total.  Ever.  I’ve never met his wife.  We’re basically strangers who met over cheap beer.  I thanked him and told him I’d talk to him about it this weekend.  The 5th person this week.  The 4th person today.

People who have nothing to gain.  Who crawled out of the woodwork to do favors and make my life just that much better, even if it was just making me smile.

So it really truly is the bad days that remind you how lucky you can truly be.  It’s those down and out days that remind you that there are good people out there.


One thought on “Trigger Hand.

  1. JenN-Moo

    You realize that your laughter DOES have direct impact on his day? He made you laugh and I bet hearing that made his day! It makes my heart glad to know that you are finding people you can count on in a pinch. <3 you lady!

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