I am dog sitting Wonder-Mutt for Ryan this weekend.  He brought the dog over late last night and just took off an hour ago and let me tell you, this dog has yet to shut up.  So I got like… 3 hours of sleep, then an hour laying in bed listening to this dog whine like it was the end of the world.

She’s lucky she’s cute and a sweet dog because I have super low tolerance for dogs-who-whine-and-keep-me-from-my-last-hour-of-sleep.

As of this current moment, she’s perfectly content sitting on my lap while I’m trying to figure out how to main line coffee.  I forgot how needy small dogs are,  it’s like having another child to deal with, except for this one doesn’t understand that I get cranky on little sleep.

Cute dog. Ignore my puffy face. Thank you Prednisone.




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