Surprise. Random Thoughts. Skittles.


Random Thoughts:

I’m feeling old.  It’s 9pm on Friday.  My body hurts, my head is pounding.  I’m exhausted.  Shower and Bed in my very near future.

Ryan is very evil for giving two children slurpees this late.

Deftone’s cd “Diamond Eyes” is pretty damned phenomenal if I do say so myself.

I apparently don’t know how to judge people as well as I thought.  Two people I thought were my friends have blocked me from everything, left me stranded at work, and apparently don’t think they have to work for the money I gave them.  Sad state of affairs, but unfortunately I need to learn that people change when money is involved.

Tomorrow is going to be busy.  Class pt 2, yard work, shed building, then plans at night.  I get a break.

My lawnmower needs fixing.  I’m going to tear it apart like a fat kid and a chocolate velvet cupcake with colored sprinkles.

Mmm.  Cupcakes.

Kids are way too amused by gross bugs.  And no, I am not going outside to see said gross bug.

Prednisone withdrawal sucks.

No matter how tired I am, I’d much rather sit in front of my speakers listening to my music than go to sleep.  Damn you.


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