I’m “ignorant” and “corrupt”. Just an FYI.


Okay, so some of you know my ride arrangement or my old one anyway.  This girl and her boyfriend, Tracy and Jason, offered to drive me.  I offered them $200 a paycheck to do it.  That’s a 4th of my paycheck, and three times the money it costs me to get to work.  They accepted.

It lasted two weeks.  Out of the 10 days they were supposed to take me to work, they drove me for 4.5.  One of the days that they didn’t show up, they didn’t even call or text me.  Just completely blew me off.  Granted it was a family emergency, but when some one is depending on you, as well as paying you to do something, you can take two minutes to send a facebook message to let them know you’re leaving them stranded.

Anyway, so yesterday was pay day.  J showed up to pick me up, and is telling me about the brand new Ford Edge 2011 they signed a car loan for.  Apparently the 2009 Ford Edge they currently own isn’t good enough, but whatever.  Not my deal.  In the same breath as “After the trade – in, it’s only $22,000, so it’s not that bad…” he says “Hey, are you going to pay us?  I need cigarettes.”

I explained to him that they didn’t even drive me for half of the time I paid them for, so I’d be giving them less than the $200 since they still owed me $90 in rides.  I also let them know because of paying them the full amount up front and then having to pay $170 in taxis and gas to friends to cover the rides they blew me off for screwed me over.  Meaning, I couldn’t afford groceries this week and barely made it home the day before when they couldn’t drive me because I had no more money for transportation.  So I told him I’d be paying him each day for each ride I received.

He was visibly pissed, but you know what? Your boss doesn’t pay you when you don’t show up, neither do I.  Simple as that.  So he asks me to “at least buy him a pack of cigarettes”.  I told him I’m broke and gave him a few out of my pack, and then he says “see you at 3!” and I go to work.

Well, I expected this, fully expected it actually, but it was still kind of disheartening.  3pm rolls around and they are no where to be found.  Neither of them have phones, and Jason has “unfriended” me from facebook.  I’m lucky my co-worker was leaving at the same time and content to drive me 20 minutes in the opposite direction.  So I made it home.

So yes I’m mad.  I paid them for 10 days.  They didn’t even drive me for half.  I sacrificed putting food in my house to cover rides to and from work because they blew me off.  I don’t think I’m wrong for wanting the rides they owed me or my money back.  So I posted a message on Tracy’s wall.  I told her that I wanted the money back, and in all due reality was very nice about it.  I’d post the message here, but I can’t get on her wall anymore.  I didn’t call her names, I stated that she owed me money for rides and I didn’t think it was very mature to block me, leave me stranded and run off with my money.  I didn’t threaten her, or any other nonsense.  I asked for my money back and told her I wished she would’ve talked to me instead of running off.

This morning I got a message from Jason.  Who promptly blocked me.

“how fucking dare u talk to tracy like that . fuck u u aint getting shit u think u can sit there and try and charge us for not giving u a ride thats bullshit dont talk to either of us any more ur fucking bogus and crooked u really upset tracy cause ur ignorant dont message her again”

Wow.  So I’m “crooked” and “ignorant” because I want the money I paid you for rides I didn’t receive back?  Because I’m mad that you blew me off and left me stranded after I confronted you about the rides you owed me?

Riiiight.  I wasn’t even mean about it.  I should have been.

I think that maybe I need to stop trusting people as much as I do.  When you involve money, people change.  Especially people who aren’t working.

*Shakes head*

I know I’m not in the wrong.  It’s sad to see a couple who pays no bills, lives off of government assistance with their parents take advantage of a severely ill single mother and her daughter.  This is my generation folks, and I’m disappointed.

Ah well, moving on.  I’m lucky I’ve been preparing for this for weeks, so minus the money I lost on those two, I’m alright.  :)


8 thoughts on “I’m “ignorant” and “corrupt”. Just an FYI.

  1. Erin

    *cracks knuckles and proceeds to add two new names to the “you fucked with my fam, now I’m gonna fuck you up” list*
    It might be a while, but they’ll get theirs. Someone may even beat me to it!

  2. Haha too funny. I’m a firm believe in Karma, they’ll get theirs. Whether or not someone rips them off and takes advantage of them when they’re in need or if someone just hauls off and punches dude in his face for his *ignorant* comments. Vice lord my ass.

    • dannyvaldez

      I really don’t know you other than twitter, but that pisses me the fuck off!! They will get theirs in the end so just know that. The only positive way to think about it is, you just paid to get rid of 2 people who don’t deserve to be in your life And it was alot cheaper than a hitman ;)

  3. Wow…I like danny’s response, you just paid to get two really nasty people out of your life. I’m sorry you had to lose money AND pay them but if it works.

    Meanwhile, just caught up on your posts from the end of August where I left off. You are going through so much right now. I’m happy to see you are holding up and breaking through some of your own barriers.

    You continue to amaze me…positive progress against all odds.

    Keep it up and God Bless.

    • Hey you! I thought I lost you! How are you doing? I’ll be lurking you later!

      Yes, it’s been a crazy month so far, but along with all of the bad stuff, life is on the up and up regardless! and you and Danny are right, I paid to get two nasty people out of my life. Gottah look at it like that!

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