Stay for awhile.


Sitting in my kitchen, cup of vanilla coffee in hand, smooth piano coming through my speakers.  The smell of burning wood is leaking through the windows, one of my neighbors must be having a fire tonight.

I met my neighbor’s friend’s wife tonight.  Yeah, that’s a mouthful.  One of the days that Tracy and Jason blew me off, my neighbor had mentioned to their friend that I needed a new way to get to work.  He had come over and offered to have his wife help me out.

I called her today and she asked to come over to meet me first, a meet and greet to see if we would be able to work together.  What I had figured would be a 10 minute conversation turned into 2 hours over coffee.  It’s amazing what two women can find to talk about.  So my transportation is arranged and I found someone to relate to over coffee.  I’d like to thank Tracy and Jason for doing me bogus, this may have helped me out more than those two know.

So yesterday I got some great news in the mail.  I was approved for the Baiid Device, which is an in-car breathalyzer that you get installed in your car.  I can have it installed as soon as the 24th of this month.  With the Baiid device I will be able to drive 24/7 as long as I prove via breathalyzer that I have no alcohol in my system, which is not even remotely a problem.  I will never put my drivers license in jeopardy again.

I have another court date tomorrow morning for my DUI as well.  As some of you know, I have completed two out of 4 of my alcohol courses required by the judge, and have the remaining two scheduled for next weekend.  We’re hoping that by showing initiative to fix my mistake so early on in my suspension the judge will drop the charges down to reckless driving earlier than expected.  We’ll see I guess, but it’s no longer majorly important since I’ll be using the baiid device.

Either way, lesson is definitely being learned.

So I scheduled my first Remicade Infusion for the end of the month.  To say I’m scared is an understatement.  I’m not particularly scared of the med, but more or less scared because of how fast my disease is advancing.  I never like facing my own health.

On that note I am making strives to improve my health.  I slacked off on running and have been eating like crap lately.  My fistula is getting worse and the Crohns is acting up.  I need to get my health under control and there for have more control over my life.  My world is great as of right now, my health is the only thing holding me back right now so it’s time to conquer that.


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