Unicorns and Glitter. No. Not really. Well, yes Glitter.


You have to enjoy the little things to make it through the mess known as life.  Today was yet another example of the little things.  That or I’m just way too simple… either way I’m not arguing.

Court went well.  I was offered a deal that I can’t afford ($$ to wipe the entire thing off the books), instead it is dropped to reckless driving.  I still have my suspension and a victim impact panel to deal with, but thanks to the baiid device, I’ll be driving in what? Less than two weeks?

My new source of transportation is awesome.  She is totally helpful and RELIABLE.  Now if only I could get the money back from Tracy and Jason, it’d be really nice to pay my bills seeing as how the money I used on cabs when they blew me off was supposed to go towards my mortgage and groceries.

I got an $8 haircut today.  First haircut in months.  Looks good.  And yes I should’ve saved the money, but eh, $8 is $8 bucks and it makes me happy.

It was a beautiful day out today, and I briefly spent some of it on the back of the boyfriend’s* bike.

Grilled Out.  Steaks, Corn on the Cob and Baked Beans.  I’m stuffed and happy despite my Crohns trying to kill me.

Wonder-mutt just ran into the fridge door.  Yes.  I still have Wonder-mutt.  No, Dad, she’s not mine, I just don’t want to give her up yet.  No, Dad she’s not destroying the house.  Yes Dad I’m a sucker for cute dogs that curl up so nicely on my pillow.

Dad, I know you’re lurking my blog.  I love you.

I got to stand outside, in a very sweet man’s arms and just relax for 2 minutes… until two children ran outside complaining about having to eat dinner.  :)

I watched my daughter ride a big girl/boy bike (my neighbor’s) with training wheels.  By herself.  For the first time.  Consistently.  When did she start growing up?

I watched my daughter try to climb a tree.  She got two feet into it and was so proud.
Again, when did she start growing up?

I watched the boys climb a different tree, one got stuck and one is apparently half monkey.

Life is good.  Sarah is happy.

* Boyfriend.  Yes.  Sarah has a boyfriend.  Whom has a name, instead of an abbreviation, which Emily so kindly pointed out.  :)  When the hell did this happen?  And holy shit.


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