OooooO Really?


I got an interesting text (well many) today.  I found out that you still stalk my blog, twitter and such.  That my name and references to me still frequent your twitter and more importantly your mouth.  While incredibly flattering, honey, next time my name is in your mouth, please do what you do best…. swallow.

Thanks.  :) xoxo


3 thoughts on “OooooO Really?

  1. Let it go… Let her choke on her bitterness. Make her see that nothing she has done has affected you in the least.
    In short, F*ck her. The trashy girl that swallows has no place in your haven. Keep smiling from morning til night cause that is what will make her choke on the vile words she says more than anything. Plus, she isn’t worth the letters I am typing or the breath it takes to say her name. You are the better person. So fuck her, and let it all go.

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