Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. What?


There is nothing out there that annoys me more than a head-cold.  Okay, I’m lying, but it’s still pretty bad.  When I have a head-cold, people die, people get maimed, and in the very least there is a very irritable Sarah running around yelling at people.

I started feeling stuffy and what-not yesterday during the day, but fortunately being the weekend, and having a very awesome kid, I was lucky enough to sleep in, only to take a short nap later.  Not to mention the company I curled up with made it that much better.  After the nap?  It just went down hill from there.  There should have been a fucking blinking neon light (with sparkles) above my head with a very clear disclaimer: This girl will either whine until you want to stab your own ear drums or get pissed off for no got-damn reason at all.

I’m surprised with the amount of whining I did last evening/night that I’m not single, or more likely buried at the bottom of Lake Michigan (hey, does anyone remember my theory on the best way to hide a body? Lake Michigan + Woodchipper?  Anyone?  Anyone???) but regardless it was actually a half-way decent night.  I spent it curled up with the boy, blankets, pillows and a movie.  (Okay, you know I’m sick if I actually watch a movie.) Crashed early only to feel a teensy-tiny-not-really-substantial bit better this morning.

Oh my god, I’m surprised I made it out of bed with out mutant pigs flying by my window.  That was by far the hardest morning I’ve had in a while.  Today actually wasn’t that bad though, I only got irritated like a dozen times, one being at this:

Who the fuck does this shit??

No. Seriously.  I want to know the name, address, and make/model car of the asshole who thought it’d be a got-damn-dandy idea to put such positive crap on a COUGH DROP wrapper.  You know.  Cough drops?  What you eat when you feel like utter shit?  When you’re pretty sure there is a rabid squirrel clawing out of your throat (yes, real analogy there folks, thank you thank you)? I will find him or her and I will decimate them.  But I digress..

Beyond that and a brief appearance by Day-Glo-Boy, work went alright.  Managed to go full-blown grocery shopping afterwards to, thanks to Em who was awesome enough to drive my ass.  She even took Noodle to Pet-Land while I shopped, the joy of shopping sans begging child is definitely NOT lost on the single mom.  I think between that and having a full fridge again has cheered me up immensely.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.  A tomorrow minus the squirrel.


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