Sitting in my kitchen, wrapped up in a huge fuzzy robe that Ry gave me, thinking.  That and listening to the mutt chase her own tail.  It’s been one hell of a day, and I have a lot of random shit on my mind so I’m just trying to chill out before I go lay down for the night.

So I drove my car today, for the first time in a month.  Yup, you heard right, the almighty creep is mobile yet again.  After work today I went and had the Baiid Device installed in my car.  The little thing is actually pretty cool, the only part you see is the actual part you breath into, and it’s about the size of a old-school Nokia phone.  I drilled the installer on how it works and different facts on it because quite frankly, I think it’s pretty interesting.  Regardless of my nerd tendencies, that little tiny hand held machine is allowing me to drive again which is a plus.

On that same note, I was thinking about it earlier, the month’s suspension went by really quick and for the most part (minus the ride fiasco with Jason and Tracie) I only had one issue with not having a license.  The Grocery store.  I am a foodie at heart and randomly want to cook things, usually things that don’t make much sense and that contain ingredients that I don’t have on hand.  So that was a pain in the ass, not being able to run to Jewel and grab some stuffs, but other than that?  I honestly enjoyed most of it.  It took a lot of pressure off of me to go out on the weekends, run not-needed errands and not having to worry about gas or mechanical issues with the hoopty.

Getting back in my car this afternoon amped up my stress level almost immediately, but I figured whatever. I picked up the Nood and headed home to shower and back out to Ry’s house since I hadn’t been there in a while.  While it was nice to let the kids play an of course get some attention from The Boy, I found myself just wanting to be at home.  I know some of it is from feeling like crap today (Crohns is acting up) but some part of me wonders if maybe being car-less made me appreciate my own house a bit more.  Something most definitely worth some more thought.

Either way, I’m home now, relaxing and planning on calling it an early night.  I’m pretty sure the 6mp I’ve started is wearing me down a bit, the past couple of days have really dragged and I just feel out of it.  Blah.

In other news, I got to take a peek at the ex-husband’s facebook via a friend’s today.  It’s nice to see that while he hasn’t contacted his daughter since Father’s day, much less paid his child support that he still rocks a picture of him and her… from 08. That really irked me, it makes me wonder what he’s telling people.  I’d put money on “Sarah’s a bitch and won’t let me see Noodle.”  Either way, E friended his new girlfriend.  Looks like I called it ladies and gentlemen.  He truly did family-hop again.  From what we can tell he lives with her and her kids, is unemployed and is spending a fair amount of time partying.  I called it, Tim saw a free ride and jumped on it… like he’s done a few times already.  So much for “I’m going to work in a tattoo shop, live with my buddy and I’ll come back in a few months.” not to mention “I’ll call Noodle constantly, I’m not leaving her behind.”  I just rolled my eyes so hard I gave myself a migraine.

So you know what?  Since Tim has disconnected his phone, blocked me from his fb and doesn’t call, I emailed his sister asking for contact information and explaining, briefly, that we haven’t heard from him since Father’s Day.

I want to get a hold of him and see if he’s just going to permanently stay out of Noodle’s life.  At this point, that’s what I want.  I don’t want him popping in and out between girlfriends/free rides, that’s what he does, and I refuse to let him screw with Noodle’s mind like that.  I’d rather him stay away while she’s young so she can lead a somewhat normal childhood.

Either way though, I want to know what’s going on.

I also printed out the paperwork to file for child support/assistance.  It’s about time.  Tim hasn’t helped out besides once since we split… in 2009, and you know what?  Noodle is his kid too, regardless of whether or not he feels the need to see her.  His facebook had too many comments about partying for me to feel pity, if you can afford to buy a girl a bottle of jameson, you can afford to pay your court-ordered child support.  Christ, he’s only ordered to pay $75 a month anyway, only a dead beat would flake out and not pay on that.

So it’s time to kick his ass into gear legally.  I’m sending off the paperwork tomorrow morning and stopping at the courthouse hopefully sometime this week.  I am asking for a raise in child support and since he’s also ordered to pay half of childcare (which he’s never done), I want what he owes.  Thankfully for me, I have every single receipt for it, my daycare also has all the copies, apparently they have to print them out quite a bit, when dad’s flake out on helping out the moms.

No more door-mat Sarah.  I did the best I could to help him out, and he still walked away from his kids here to hop on another free ride.  I wish he’d grow up but apparently he’s forgotten he’s now 35.  Shame.  It’s out of my hands now, I’ll let the state handle it.

Sidenote:  I hope this new girl he’s found doesn’t get scammed like me and P did.  I have a feeling that she’s heard the same stories he told me, as well as P.  I have nothing against her, unless she’s encouraging him running from his responsibilities, so I hope she’s smart enough to escape.

On that note, I’m worn out from thinking about it, time to kick back for a few and get ready for bed.


2 thoughts on “Skittles

  1. Good girl, on going after child support and yes $75 a month doesn’t cover half. I wish the Crohn’s would back off enough for you to have more good days then bad. You absolutely amaze me keeping your outlook bright and plugging along. Funny about the car, you would think it would relieve anxiety not cause it. But, my son had that device and it can be stressful just using it. Best wishes, and seriously if and when you want to talk, we will.

  2. I just had a freaking dejavu from this post. No shit! Starting with the DUI. Sucks the big one. In my case I live clear out in the country, was unemployed when I got it, not able to get employed to pay the required fines to get it back cause I’m too far from civilization to walk to work, the old man wouldn’t help me, and here I am three and a half years later still not driving. Damn DUI nearly ruined my life. Oh, and the controlling hubby contributed to it. I also had my own deadbeat ‘dad’ who ran around, worked for cash under the table, never paid his child support, would go months without seeing our two kids, but would conveniently drop their names whenever he wanted to look good or feel good about himself. Ugh! Makes me want to puke just thinking about him. What a loser! Don’t want to discourage you, but good luck getting something out of him. I found out the hard way that unless he has a job that makes child support easy to get something out of him, they don’t give a shit. If you’re trying to take care of yourself, not on welfare, then it’s worse cause they seem to only go after the ones who’s children the government are taking care of. And if you argue with anyone about it they tell you to get a lawyer. You know…cause it almost makes sense that you have the money for a lawyer. Your best bet is to play detective, always try and stay a step ahead of him to know where he’s working, and bug the hell out of child support recovery. Of course, if all else fails, at least he’s out of the picture and not bugging you. Mine wasn’t in his kids life much, but then again…he wasn’t in mine either. When my daughter, the youngest of the two, reached 18 he owed me over $60,000 if that tells you anything. Sadly, the system just doesn’t work for women.

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