Opposite. Different.




I’ve been told I’m an “acquired taste”, which I’ll take as a compliment fuck you very much… and that I’m slightly abrasive.  I know I’m a bit quirky, and that makes it hard for people to get along with me for extended periods of time.  I mean hell, who really wants to hang out with the chick who makes you want to stab yourself in the eardrum in under an hour?  (Don’t all raise your hands at once now, form a single file line to the left…) I’m extremely outgoing and active.  I’m the type of girl who loves to be the center of attention (usually for humor reasons) and therefore end up motivating groups of people to do something.  I don’t have a filter between my brain and mouth and most of my thoughts are derogatory, perverted or just plain bitchy.  I like to be in charge, and I like to be loud about it.   I am very independent and hate to accept help from anyone, (would anyone like a side of pride with that?) and shockingly enough love helping others.  While I’ll most likely inadvertently insult you, and your mom, I actually really worry about making everyone happy.  I’m in your face 24/7 whether you like it or not.  I’m an Extrovert in the true sense of the word and an Aries to boot, the word dominant and alpha-female is putting it lightly.

Usually the only people who can tolerate me for long periods of time are people with similar personalities, and quite honestly, I get along best with them.  It just works out that way, we irritate each other, threats of violence are made and then we’re on to the next conquest (after I prove I’m right that is).

Not with relationships though.   Don’t get me wrong.  I am attracted to the man who holds everyone’s attention, even my own adhd attention span, but in reality, I’ve never had a successful relationship with someone like me.  In fact, every guy I’ve ever dated who even remotely came close to being as dominant as myself, every pseudo relationship I’ve had with an uber-dominate has backfired.  Like Hiroshima backfired.

You know what relationships have worked out long term?  Ended well?  Whatever?  Relationships with guys who are my near polar opposite.  Men who are laid back, where as I am high-strung.  Men who tend to stand back and watch (and laugh) instead of insisting on the spot light.  Men who don’t have much of a temper, where as I have a short (read: non-existant) fuse.  Men who create a calm balance with the chaos that is my life.

I don’t want to imply that I’m attracted to submissive men, because in reality I’m not.  There is nothing more sexy than a man who will stand up for what he believes in, say his piece and fight with me when I’m wrong.  I’d break a door-mat type of guy, not only break, but shatter.  I’m just saying I’ve only had destructive/unhealthy relationships with men who are uber-dominant/similar to my personality type.  I guess, in my case at least, I’m attracted to my opposite.

Now on that note, I’m feeling kind of old, stereotypical, like-a-fucking-hallmark-card for saying this but… Opposites Attract.  Why is that exactly?  I think it may have something to do with our sub-conscious need to have a balanced life, especially at home/in the love department.  I always (up until recently) figured I was only attracted to the out-going-douche-nozzles like myself, when in reality, when I look back at my love life, I’ve only dated a few.  Most of my dates/relationships/flings have been with introverted guys, calming, laid back guys.  Guys who have personalities that compliment mine.  It’s taken me to my 25 year to realize this, but hey, at least I figured it out now… after I spazzed out on the boyfriend and he remained calm the entire time.  haha.

Now my question would be:  Do you think the old saying “Opposites Attract” is true for the majority?  For yourself?  I need input people… INPUT.  Chime in!



12 thoughts on “Opposite. Different.

      • Haha, I meant that I couldn’t come up with a good response, I was only on my first cup of coffee. ;p

        I agree and disagree. Like you and I, we seem to be complete opposites, yet we tend to be alot alike, ya know, just in different ways. We’re both politically driven, but on opposite sides of the spectrum. Different faiths, but yet the same ideals and morals. Different lives but the same goals.

        Opposites attract, but usually aren’t so different after all ;p

      • I will moderate you until the day I die… *mashes comment button*. And valid point, even though were opposite, we’re quite similar at the same time. <3

  1. Amanda

    Ahh, I knew there was a reason I could relate to you (other than stupid Crohn’s lol). Hello, fellow stereotypical Aries :) and yes, the guy you described is exactly my fiancé. He needs a plan, whereas it’s impossible for me to have one. Not to say I don’t have goals, but we know how Crohn’s, and hell life in general, can screw with plans. He’s more”responsible” than me…usually lol. Definitely laid back, hates to argue, but he’s learning ;) but one thing we do have is a similar sense of humor :)

  2. I don’t know…I am a strange cross between laid back and OC. I like to watch, BF likes to be in the center of everything telling witty stories about himself and being hella loud. Everything is a damned joke, while I am in the pits of depression. He works about 4 hours a day and I am left to worry about how to pay the bills. He video games and I clean up. I guess my point is that maybe don’t go for POLAR opposites, I think that SOME similarities make for a harmonious relationship, while none make for at least one person to be miserable…something to think about…

    • Oh no, some similarities are needed I think, you need to have something in common even if it’s just goals for the end result… and you go about different ways of achieving said goals. There has to be *something* in common for me to even be interested. :) On another note… can I kick your bf in the head? Get his butt moving! <3

  3. Both hubs & I are a combo of really laid back (like poke me with a stick to make sure I’m still breathing) and in-your-face alpha. But each about different things. Hubs is a fastidious housekeeper, and I would rather pack up and move than mop.

    • Oh the boy I’ve got can vouche for this… I totally agree… if I could I would pack up and move instead of mopping.. he doesn’t even live here and he mopped my floor….hahaha.

  4. Acquired taste, No filter, and Abrasive. Yup! You read back on some of my posts and that’s exactly how I refer to myself. Or umm..I should say people have referred to me. I didn’t get the nickname Lucifer for nuttin. I blame it on ‘crazy’ genes, and being a Scorpio. You can’t argue with that.
    And about opposites attracting. Absolutely! I think we seek out those that will somehow balance out our strengths and weakness’s. I am personable, engaging, loud, fun, prone to mood swings, etc. My old man would rather blend into the background, not have to chat with anyone, never shares his business, and has little if any emotion one way or the other. BORING! Why are we still together? Gotta be the sex cause we have nothing else in common.

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