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So I managed to get my greedy little hands on a Starbucks(fucksYou) gift card yesterday.  You know me, the ultimate coffee addict and part-time Jew.  I love me some coffee, I sometimes consider killing someone for a White Mocha, but it’s not every day I have the $5 to spend on a medium coffee.  So giftcard?  Yes please.

Work was hectic today, so what better way to spend my lunch break, especially a lunch break where eating food and keeping it down is not much of an option, than hovering over my favorite coffee drink?  The only coffee that tastes better than free is stolen, so I was pretty happy that I almost had the best coffee in the world.

I head into the Starbucks and place my order and proceed to explain that yes, my earrings really are that big and no they don’t hurt to the 60-something-man at the register.  The guy starting my coffee chimes in “I think they look awesome, they really look good on you!  Nice Tragus piercings too!” as he pointed to his own.  We then went over our theories on why not many men have them and if there is a conspiracy and how much we hated the remaining hours in our workdays while he loaded my coffee up with caramel.  Once I grabbed my coffee and started to go he ended the conversation with “You’ve got one hell of a look going, very beautiful, I hope your day goes fast, come back and chat again!”  I left the shop beaming and in a great mood.

It’s amazing what a couple compliments and a good conversation from a stranger can do for a person.  He improved my day with a few simple words (and no, I don’t think he was hitting on me, and even so… meh).  This just reinforced what I try to do each day.  I make it a point to compliment one person each day, brighten their day.  Whether it’s their handbag, hair style, earrings, shoes or an accomplishment.  The trick is meaning it.  :) Seeing someone else smile makes me smile.



Now if I could just learn to graciously take compliments I’d be golden.  Ha.


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