Nothing but a Headache.


So I was informed today that I, the pseudo-creep, am in fact a bitch.  You know, because obviously I hadn’t figured that out on my own after all these years/fights.  Go figure, me, a bitch.  I was so happy to hear that I fired of a “:)” text in response, I just wanted to let the other person know that I appreciated the lesson in life, and value their opinion, much like I value the empty beer cans my neighbors tossed in my yard.

A bitch.  I’ve been called much worse, much much worse now that I’m actually thinking about it.  Oddly enough though, I actually relish in the name calling.  Why?  Not (completely) because I’m a sociopath, but because I know that 90% of the time, I’m getting called names because I proved my point.

Which brings me to… uh… well, my point.  Why is that when we ask for/receive criticism, that instead of using it to improve ourselves, we automatically jump on defense?  I’m far from innocent here, I’m actually including myself in this general observation.  No seriously though, I mean recently, the boyfriend tried to show me a different way of doing something, he *criticized* me and I instantly got defensive.  I have a super short fuse which doesn’t help things and being told to try a different way just doesn’t jive.

A lot of the time I’ll realize I’m being an ass and make an attempt to listen or try things a different way.  However?  It doesn’t seem like a lot of other people do that.  I wonder why we’re all so defensive.  Today for instance, a friend of mine was complaining via text that she was broke (as am I, so instant sympathetic ear) and was sick and tired of it.  I told her it’s really easy to mismanage money, as I did today with my overdrawn checking account, and that maybe she could come over and we could work on simple budgets.  The response?  “No, I don’t mismanage money, I just don’t get paid enough.  A budget won’t work.” Yadda yadda yadda.  I pointed out that she makes $4/hour more than I do and doesn’t pay rent/mortgage, a budget is totally feasible.  I got “What do you know?  Stop being such a bitch.”

Well.  Ya’ll know that I have absolutely no tolerance for whining, especially if you’re not willing to do something about the problem.  I was amazed that even after I admitted my own fault and offered to work together, she still got defensive.  But hey, what do I know.  I’m just a bitch.

I guess what I’m getting at is maybe, just maybe, myself included, when someone criticizes us we should at least listen.  Most of the time it’s an attempt to be helpful and we just don’t see it.  My question for the masses?  Has there been a time where you someone criticized you and you flipped?  Has there been a time when someone offered advice and you should’ve taken it or tried, but didn’t?  I’m intrigued…


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