Respect. Or lack there of. Or throat punching.


Dealing with the general public, as well as working in a close-knit office reiterates the one cardinal rule I have.  Treat me with respect or do not expect it in return.  Better yet?  You better be good at high-blocking because I’m most likely pondering throat-punching you.

I am a people person.  I do best in large crowds or in big groups of friends, I can feign interest in almost everything and I can treat the person I’d like to feed to hungry lions like my best friend.  Call it a talent.  I am respectful.  I treat everyone with respect unless they disrespect me.  Or hell, if you’re just rude.

It’s a pretty simple idea in life folks.  If you want something, be nice to the person you’re asking.  If someone is helping you out, help them out in return or wait… you could always… say thank you.  Some of the basic lack of manners in this world honest to god shock the hell out of me.

Most of this is just coming from working with the public, again, even though the last time I swore I wouldn’t.  Some of this is coming from past experience.  A bit of it is coming from my peers, not really friends, but people in the same circles.  It’s called being a grown-up folks, you’d think people in their twenties and thirties could manage this but apparently not.

Respect.  I respect your decision to go back to school, or not.  I respect your decision to get your own place, or live with family.  I respect your relationships or lack there of.  I listen, give my opinion and then wish you the best.  It’s a damned shame that people can’t give that in return.

I am a single mom, I am saving money currently, especially with the Christmas season coming around.  So making fun of me for deciding to stay in, not spend money on new clothes, or dinners out, isn’t getting you anywhere but on my shit list.

My decision to put off school for a while longer was and is a deeply thought out choice.  I have a lot going on, and adding school to the list isn’t going to help anything.  So reminding me of my almost complete bachelors as well as the fact that I’m not getting any younger isn’t very nice.  I don’t remind you that I work twice as many hours and make damn near $15,000 a year more than you do.

My relationship, both my boyfriend and my friends.  I love my friends, and will do almost anything for them, and I’m aware that some of them are what you consider “trouble makers”.  Regardless, they’ve saved my ass, from calling an ambulance for me after a med interaction to picking me up when I was stranded, to defending me from my ex husband’s attacks to convincing me to plan out my future.  I love them, and because you can’t seem to keep your mouth shut, doesn’t mean I not going to hang out with them.  Oh yeah.  And the boyfriend.  Yes.  I haven’t killed him yet.  He’s a sweetheart, and those of you know me know that I’m relatively possessive.  No, I don’t care if he has female friends, or goes to a strip club, or whatever (I get strip club rights too… and spending money :)) but however, if you cross that line, if you KNOWINGLY cross that line, I will throat punch you.

My child.  Ohhhhh the arguments I’ve gotten into regarding how I raise my daughter.  From daycare to vaccinations, from clothing to toys, from her lack-of-dad situation to how much I work.  I don’t mention that your 5 year old still rides in a stoller and has a binky, why?  I don’t care, it’s your parenting.  So please respect my decisions and butt out.

The fact of the matter is, I do my best to not judge other’s decisions or lifestyle or whatever you may please…. until you disrespect me.  As soon as that happens, it’s fair game, and trust me, as others have recently found out, it won’t be pleasant.

Until then? See you on the flipside.


One thought on “Respect. Or lack there of. Or throat punching.

  1. You tell em’, girl! Ain’t none of their damn business what you do with you and yours.
    And you know what? I don’t give a shit about the strip club thing either. Although many women friends I’ve known would never let their old man step foot in those places. I find if you don’t care much about it, well then your man won’t either. Mine was incredulous that I sent him off with ‘ones’ for a bachelor party. His friends couldn’t believe it. Hey, he knows who he comes home to. I’d like to think he’s smart enough not to risk everything we have for one damn night. I suppose I’m just not that insecure. If it means anything, I think you’ve got your head screwed on pretty straight.

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