I’m basically drooling.


So.  I finally went.  I went to the dentist.  Those of you who know me personally know my fear of dentists, as well as how fucked up my teeth have gotten (thanks Crohns and Prednisone).  I went and got an exam a couple of weeks ago.  The verdict was not good.  I need 5 teeth in the back pulled, (4 broken, 1 too far gone – enamel is non existent …) and had a cavity between all my front teeth, and 3 cavities in the back.

I’ve always had relatively crappy teeth, thanks genetics, but never did I get so many cavities at once (with in 6 months).  My teeth were just chipping and shattering all over the place.  Then I noticed, 2 months ago, my front teeth were discolored.  There was a cavity right between the two front teeth.  So the search began.  I don’t have dental/health insurance, so it became a matter of “You don’t set up payment plans? Sorry, have a good day” and “No, I don’t have insurance, Hello? Hello?…. Hello?”

My friend finally recommended this place in Waukegan which takes the medical card and in I went.  So today was the first round of fillings.  I my front top 6 teeth worked on, 12 separate fillings.  There wasn’t much left of my teeth when she was finished removing the broken/decayed parts, and quite honestly it scared me.  Once she filled them in (with composite (white) fillings) and did basic shaping and polishing I had already been in the chair for 3.5 hours.  We decided to wait for my next appointment to finish shaping them.  They look great, much better than before, they’re just a little rough in certain spots.

As I was leaving she asked me “Will you smile with your mouth open now on?”  I told her hell yeah.  Then she told me next time I go on steroids I need to frequently come in… as it’ll destroy my teeth.  Humph.  Well here ya go….

My open-mouthed-crooked-still-halfway-numb smile.


3 thoughts on “I’m basically drooling.

  1. Amanda Winski

    I have fillings between pretty much all of my front teeth. Got those in high school. And I just had my 2nd root canal in 2 years. I’m sure I have like 10+ other cavities. I hate Crohn’s!! But the dentist did tell me I have really healthy gums, strong, long roots, and ‘great bone’ whatever the hell that means lol. But yeah, I don’t mind the dentist…it’s just the cost of everything!! Ughhhh.

  2. That effing blows. I didn’t realize it would eff your teeth up so much! I also never realized how much I would miss dental insurance… Just got it this year for the first time since HS, BECAUSE I had a broken tooth I needed pulled… Got a filling in just about every tooth on the top… Then I ran out of coverage. How the hell is this shit so damned expensive? And of course, I picked the dentist we had because they took the medical card, but then three visits later, they’re asking me to pay them… Come to find out they don’t do secondary billing (primary ins is the one thru work). Soooo…. $1.5k later I have only half my cavities filled, still have three of the four wisdom teeth I *need* pulled (causing massive migraines) – the fourth was the broken, rotted one that was making life unbearable 24/7, and guess what? Still no word back from Medicaid, so pretty sure I’m out that out-of-pocket.
    Why do people (ie, people who determine medical-type coverage) NOT understand healthy mouth/teeth = healthier overall? And why can’t they, therefore, make treatment more affordable? :(
    BITCHBITCHBITCH, I know. Shit sucks, man, and I feel for ya babe. :(

  3. dental nightmares… i feel your pain. i’ve had 11 root canals, three extractions including one of my front bottom teeth. i chickened out of implants because frankly after all the health issues i’ve had in the last few years, i just didn’t want my mouth messed with. but with this latest extraction of a front tooth, i’m definitely going for the implant.

    ps: dentists love patients like you. they love to be able to fix smiles and it warms their hearts knowing they helped give your life back. i know this because my hubby is a dentist. i call him the tooth saver :)

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