Holiday Cheer (blah blah blah)


Welp.  Its almost Christmas.  Like tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Holy shtt where has this year gone?  Much more, it amazes me how much this Christmas is different than last year’s.  Oh my how things can change, I know I talk about it every year but fukk. 

Last year’s actual Christmas was good, the short one had a blast but for me it was rough.  My job wasn’t going so well, a couple of close friends were screwing me over and life in general was fucked.  The worst?  I was dealing with it by drinking more than I should… and it escalated into January ( and thank god I tapered off after that ).  Looking back now I realize how emotionally wrecked I was. 

This year has brought many many changes, most of them good, the detrimental ones brought around goods changes in turn. 

Things may not be perfect this year but in my eyes they’re pretty damned close.  My health is on the up and up.  Noodle is doing great despite douchebag walking out on her.  I have a loving family and the sweetest boyfriend.  Not to mention a stable job that I love.  Ive lost some friends but in reality it was no real loss. 

For once I can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning and spend it with Ry and my family.


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