Fat Bitch


I live to start feuds on facebook.  I really do.  Today?  Totally not intentional but still kept me pretty amused.  Someone I know was putting someone else on blast in their status update.  Normally I kind of chuckle at these things, but this time it irked me… mostly because I am a grammar nazi on occasion.  This status was about a paragraph long, filled with misspelled words, no punctuation and misuse of words such as there and their as well as your and you’re.  I pipped in on this bash-session with “Wow, if you’re going to put someone on blast through facebook instead of calling them or doing it in person, maybe, just maybe, use correct grammar.”  I promptly deleted him from my “friends list”, more or less because his posts annoy me.  Maybe he just annoys me as a person.  Whatever.  He continues on to comment about 6 comments worth of “your a fat bitch. go eat a twinkie. shut up.” with different variations and more colorful words.

Now I’m not in the least worried about being fat.  I’m a comfortable size 6 (145lbs) after YEARS of being underweight and sickly.  That’s not why I’m writing.  What got stuck in my head is the fact that when in a fight with a female (mostly the younger generations) people tend to throw that first insult of “fat bitch” or “fat cow”.  Something weight related.  I’ve seen the biggest girls, the shortest girls, the thinnest girls, hell some men get called some variation of fat.

Why is that?  Oh wait that’s right, our society is so OBSESSED with being THIN that any inclination of extra weight (or mention of other minuscule imperfections) has people running for the hills.  I guess I’m just aggravated that the first insult that is thrown at a person is physical.  FAT.  UGLY.  Whatever.

I guess I’m just concerned.  I mean, I get a lot more hurt if my intelligence is insulted.  Apparently that’s just me…. I guess what it comes down to, is that if you’re insulted because of your appearance, don’t take it to heart.  Everyone is different… and if you want to throw a good insult back?  Go after their vanity, quickly followed by a remark about their lack of unique insults which is surely caused by a small imagination or a black hole where intelligence used to be housed.  :)


Edit:  For the record.  I was 200+ by 5th grade up.  I didn’t drop below 150 until Freshman year… through diet and exercise.  So I’ve been on both sides of the fence.


I just know I’ll get the “you’re skinny you don’t understand” bit.


3 thoughts on “Fat Bitch

  1. Your bad ass attitude is cracking me up. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I would love to invite you to my own blog but I am no grammar nazi so I fear you would not enjoy it like I am enjoying yours.

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