A New Shade, a Clean Slate, a Glass of Wine. Wait, What?


So it’s the New Year.  2012.  We (meaning the boy and I) brought it in in a rather tame way.  We stayed up and painted my house, okay, well I painted a little bit.  Oh!  I taped too!  You know like trim?  So yeah, mostly, we just stayed up talking, him painting and me pretending to not check out his ass every time it hung out of his pants.

I think it’s fitting, I do.  Well, his pants on his ass?  Yes, but not what I’m talking about.  Starting the new year with a clean slate.  Or in this case, a clean, re-organized, re-arranged, freshly painted house.  Starting the new year with the boyfriend, working to make it that way.  Starting the new year with one of the people who made last year so fantastic despite the sickness and court.

I am simply amazed.  (No, I’m not bragging.. honestly just writing about it.)  I haven’t been with someone who is willing to do all that this man does.  Helps me paint almost my entire house in 2 days, cleans, is currently cooking us dinner, and has stood by and held my hand during every infusion so far and most of the bad days.  I think I lucked out folks.  Finally after many failed relationships and a fucked up marriage, I may have got one of the good ones… bonus round?  I don’t have to hold him against his will.  Much.

Besides the boy, this year started out on a good foot in numerous ways.  I am still working at the job I love, with people I only want to moderately throat-stab.  I still have my good running car and am done with the dui court dates (no community service, just one more class to go to).  I have my family who loves me and supports me, and I have my little Noodle who is excelling in preschool and life (with a bit of turbulence) despite her scum bag dad disappearing early last summer.  I have my wonderful, now, beautiful house which is all mine (and it’ll take prying it from my cold, bony-ass fingers to get it from me).  Plus my Crohns is finally going into remission.

For this year?  Sure, bet your left ass cheek I have goals… all of which I’ve started on.

-I want to raise my credit score… I made some stupid credit mistakes (only one left to fix) and have to deal with Tim dragging my credit through the mud.  So I started paying my debt this last check.  :)  I want to improve it enough so I can finance something for myself and build it some more.

-I want to really buckle down on this house.  The wood floors are done and painting is now done.  Next on the list, re-hab the whole bathroom, some extra painting and working on my yard/patio.  Back to the original plan of making a good chunk of profit when I finally sell this house (assuming the economy doesn’t crash, or the world ends or Britney Spears finally quits the drugs and gets her kids back again. What?)

-I want to work on the relationships I already have.  The boyfriend, my family, friends and of course with my little Noodle.  My Noodle is my world and I’m the only parent she has… and you know what?  I’m a pretty damned good parent, doing this on my own.  )

-Last but not least I want to get a handle on my life/health.  I’ve improved my diet and can’t wait for spring to hit the forest preserves again.  I am loving my body despite what this disease and all the associated medications have done to it.

Last year ended on a great note for me, I have wonderful people by my side and as the trend continues, life is on the up and up.  So here’s to the New Year!

[oh btw.  love you all and thanks for reading]


5 thoughts on “A New Shade, a Clean Slate, a Glass of Wine. Wait, What?

  1. JenN-Moo

    I LOVE that life seems to be on a good path for you! <3 A clean slate is an awesome way to start the new year. We start every day with a clean slate, really. What can we do today better than yesterday. <3 you!!

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