New year, new life


Its another new year. Yup. It happened again, the earth is another year older. She’s one incredibly old woman. See the earth is so old that it got me thinking. Us humans are only on this planet for a blink of an eye. We are only here for what equals a short albeit rank ass bathroom run. With such a short amount of time to be alive why not live to be happy? Live the life of a good person?

Making strides to better your life is a great thing, its hard work, hard work that I’ve embarked on for 10 years or more now. Sure I’ve fucked up plenty… some with dire consequences, but I’ve learned along the way. Some say I’ve learned more than most walking twats my age (I apparently need to use the word “twat” more since I just had to teach my phone that word) or hell, older than me. I think that is a good thing, my past is far from angelic but its made me who I am.

The past few years have been turbulent. Honestly I think they were worse than my teenaged years where finding a place to stay and food to eat were the top 2 on my to-do list.  I had to learn what real love was, what a real man was by going through an abusive, horrid marriage. I had to learn what financial ruin was after leaving said husband to become an unemployed single mom. I learned how to treasure a job because of that. I’ve learned about health and protecting it after I lost mine to Crohns disease.  And (third time is the charm) after losing three friends in a very hellish way over 3 years, I’ve learned to surround myself with positive people and not to tolerate toxicity.

After fucking up again with the DUI last year, I finally got my priorities in order. It took a month of suspension ( therefore staying at home more, which lead to thinking) for me to figure it out.  Since then I’ve been working my hardest to get the life I want and nothing is going to get in my way.

So far things are going swell. I’m thrilled at the path my life is on. I’m happy despite a touch of depression (which for my regular readers…. seems to have subsided once I out myself back in a healthier diet and gotten more sunshine) .

Then a friend of mine texted me the other morning. She told me to check out a web page where a girl was bashing not only me but my parenting, my relationship, my house and my past. Yeah, the same issue with the same girl as before.  I brushed it off at first because frankly I had resigned her to my past but my friend kept insisting I look.  So I did. As I was thumbing through 3 hours of this girl bashing me I realized something. When she did this before it hurt my feelings. I double checked my life because of what a girl who is angry at me said. It sucked. This time? Not so much. I realized that the things she was saying were things meant to hurt me (as well as my boyfriend). Things that were not true. This time I realized I’m where I want to be in life, I have what I want and things only are getting better. I realized that I can’t let the angry rants of someone else hurt me. So I didn’t.

What I also realized is that I wanted the attacks to stop. I’m not one to let someone bully me into thinking down on myself… that and I’m 25. I’m too old for this nonsense. So instead of blasting her online or calling her on the phone, I realized regardless it’ll never stop. I had to be an adult and continue to weed the negativity out of my life… even if its just online bullying. 

So I filed a police report and guess what? The attacks have stopped. Once and for all hopefully. Hopefully she can move on with her life because I am. Do I regret calling the police? No. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

No one should have to tolerate bullying, no one. And honestly life is too short to waste time fighting. Especially what… 5 months? 6 months total?

Now as for today, I’m going to finish my chores, punctuated by coffee in bed. Then Ill go and help the boyfriend move into his new house, watch him take the first step on a new path, a new life as well.

Happy weekend everyone!!


2 thoughts on “New year, new life

  1. Love it and so happy for you! Noodle is very fortunate to have you as a Mom. She is going to grow up to be a strong self sufficient woman, you’ll be proud of. Why? Because of who you are.

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