I’m Not Alone


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video I like, so here ya go!  Not Alone by All That Remains.

This one is for the boyfriend.  This song reminds me of him because through the past handful of months he’s been there for me anytime I needed him.  Whether I just had a bad day, wasn’t feeling good, or medical appointments.  Anytime I’ve needed to talk to someone he’s been there.  Anytime I needed help, he’s been there.  I’m grateful I met him and I have him in my life.  Here’s to not killing him and stashing him in my trunk! :)

Savior by Rise Against

This one is for my friends.  I have many many memories with this song, no matter when it comes on, which friend I’m with, there is singing and laughter and smiles.  I love you guys.

Parallels by As I Lay Dying

This one I love because (one it has an awesome guitar solo) it reminds me there is more to life than just trying to survive.  :)


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