I believe in Karma.  I do.  I also believe in God, but I also believe that God is most likely a female.  I believe in a nature based religion that takes a lot from other religions and combines them.  I believe that some of the Bible, Koran, so on and so forth are true, and I believe the rest of it is stories with very good intentions.  Basically what my beliefs come down to is living a good life, being kind, and doing the best you can.  I believe in happiness and forgiveness (the latter part takes me a while).  I believe what goes around, comes around, so put forth kindness and you’ll get it back.  On that same exact note, if you’re a heinous cunt, you’ll get it back tri-fold.

Jealousy.  Being jealous here and there isn’t a horrible thing.  Sure, you might want something that someone else has, but the line in the sand is drawn when you become obsessive about it.  When you base your own happiness on destroying someone else’s happiness because of it.  Sure you may be jealous, but also be happy for the other person.  Jealousy turns people into cold-hearted monsters, and the only place that’ll get you is nowhere… by yourself.

Lies.  Lies.  Lies.  Sure the little white lie doesn’t hurt.  We’ve all done it, you know, that one friend who got a haircut that just makes you cringe, but you say it compliments their face anyway.  As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, why not?  Spreading lies though?  Let the kids do it, they are young enough to where it’s still considered learning.  When you spend your time spreading lies, all other people learn is the TRUTH about YOU.  So why lie?

Hate.  What’s the point?  Seriously, be mad, be FURIOUS… but wasting your own life by hating someone is pointless.  The only person who loses is you.  The person you hate?  They couldn’t give a damn about you or what you think.  Why waste time on that? Get over whatever you’re mad about and move on in life.

I’ve spent the last couple of months (and continued it with my New Year’s Resolutions) stepping away from negative people, situations and places.  The impact on my happiness is unbelievable… not to mention my anxiety (but having my polar opposite laid back boyfriend by my side helps too).  I plan on continuing to leave the cunts, assholes, and liars in my past.  It’s better that way.

Now off to snuggle with my little one and then a night of relaxing for me! :)

Peace out folks.

[oh. and do me a favor. if you feel the need to talk shit, next time when you have my name in your mouth, do what you do best. swallow. ]


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