Sleepless Nights


Tonight is just ridiculous.  I’ve been sicker than a dog for two days now, some kind of an upper respiratory infection. 

So tonight, I lay down and try to sleep.  No matter which way I laid I couldn’t get comfortable.  My head is stuffy, my chest hurts, and the body aches are most definitely making themselves known.  So an hour or so goes by and I start to doze finally. 

Somewhere around 12:30am.  Then my daughter wakes up screaming.  I have no clue why, she says her ear hurts and she had a bad dream but since she was around 1 she always went back to bed quickly… if she even woke at all.  So here I am, just after 2am and she just stopped making noise.  I must’ve tried everything, hopefully she goes back to sleep now.

Ugh. Of course this would happen when I’m sick as a dog and would kill for some sleep.  Here’s to hoping… and cursing single parenting. 


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