Office Work (Mind Numbing-ly Amusing)


It takes a special kind of person to work in an office.  (If you work in a fun one) It takes a special kind of humor, tolerance, and patience.  I’ve worked in a few offices over the past 7 years, not all of them were fun.

The hospital wasn’t bad, the women I worked immediately with made me want to claw my own brains out, but the rest of the staff was phenomenal and kept me laughing all day.  My last office job?  Hell.  Uber professional but with low pay.  I spent my day sitting there wondering if (insert dollar amount here) was work wearing dress pants and dress shirts M-F.

This one?  I like.  I wear mostly casual clothes, and if my uniform is involved?  It’s a polo shirt, with a long sleeve undershirt and jeans.  Comfy.  Laid back.  Just like everyone here.  We have our bad days, trust me, we’ve had days where we scream at each other and threaten to quit…. but there are many days in between filled with pranks, jokes, laughter, and honestly just some funny shit.  I’m glad I work here.  However, if I was stuck at my desk all day, instead of being in the shop part time, I’d lose it.  I’m definitely not made to stare at a computer screen all day.

That being said… I’ve become an office person.  I have developed little quirks that make me want to shoot myself, and possibly everyone else with at least a good sized pellet gun.

– I get excited over pens that write nice.
– I am THRILLED over pens that write nice AND are colored.
– Anyone who works in an office knows this one:  Fun. Colored. Post-it Notes.
– I have developed the skill to throw a hi-lighter around a corner and through a door.
– I have also developed the skill to dodge a hi-lighter/paperclips/magazines/etc thrown from around a corner and through a door.
– I have the ability to stay ON my office chair after being spun by an overly vengeful salesperson.
– I will have a melt down if you mix up the order of my paperwork.  I will then spend the rest of the day sabotaging you… then telling you about it.

So today? I have new post it notes… I just have to remember to hide them each day before I leave from work.  Thieving little fuckers stealing my shiiiit.


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