Neurotic Little Thing


So I’m texting with one of my friends at the current moment, and she is making fun of me because I decided to mop my floors.  Not because of the actual act of mopping my floors, but because I’m so thrilled about a clean house (minus the bathroom- not feeling up to that one).  Something about everything being in it’s place and everywhere being clean just does it for me.

I’ve always been weird about chaos in my house and inside of my car.  I’m the type of person who will get super-bat-shit-crazy-overwhelmed in the morning if I wake up and there are dishes in the sink.  Waking up to a clean house just sets a serene mood to the day.  Plus, oddly enough, I feel safer if everything is in it’s place.  It’s really hard to describe, but it seems like chaos really affects my sense of security.

So, I spent the hour after my daughter went to bed cleaning the floors and my kitchen.  The day before yesterday it was the bedrooms.  Soon it’ll be the bathroom and putting away the laundry that is currently in the wash.  Now I feel like I can tackle the world… or at least get some rest/recoup from this flare with out feeling too guilty.

I’m a tad bit neurotic..

Whatever though.  We all have our quirks and that’s what draws people to us.  So mine are spastic cleaning and my love for  pretty colored pens/post it notes.  It’s what makes you all fuck-this-I’m-happy-bitches that matters.  Who cares what other’s think.  :)


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