Coffee and Cigarettes. Just where I’m supposed to be.


I just sat down and did my finances, and by far that was the most painful good bye to my money I have done yet.  It feels good to finally be getting ahead, but good lord being an adult sucks sometimes.

It’s tax return season!  I got mine done and after writing off my interest on my house, medications, child care and soul I got a pretty good chunk back.  I thought of a million things I could buy myself and Noodle, shortly after that though I thought of a million and one things I could pay off.  I did make it a point to have one day of spoiling though, and to buy myself something nice.

Noodle and I went out and got our hair cut, her first professional cut!  Unbelievable that she went with out a real hair cut for 4.5 years, minus one impromptu cut at home.  I was nervous at first, but turns out she had a blast!  She got a nice trim and blow-dry and loved every second of it.  I definitely have a little girl.  After that we all went out to eat and then shopping for me.  I got myself a new laptop.  FINALLY.  The last one I bought was when I first started school, oh I don’t know, 5 years ago?  It held up a long time for a $300 laptop.  In the last year or so, the powercord went out, the keyboard is missing keys, the built in mouse broke… plus just general lagging and so forth.  I had a few friends try to revive it a few times, but it was just time.  So I finally bought myself, for the first time since I’ve been divorced (and far before) something more than a pair of jeans.  I definitely had a hard time handing over my card at the register, but you know what?  I scrimp and save for bills and doctors, and to give my Noodle whatever she wants, it was time for my once-every-5-years present for myself.  Haha.

Unfortunately though the rest has to go to bills.  I signed away my money to owed utilities, mortgage payment, and credit card balances.  Plus a good 1/3 of it is going to my remaining DUI fines.  (Never again folks, a DUI is a very expensive night)  So even though I am ahead, yet back to my budgeted spending money, I feel great! It feels great to get things paid and money put towards savings.  Hopefully this year is the year I stay ahead (since the DUI took that extra last year).

So the last gifts I got for Noodle were on my lunch break today.  I stopped at the kids store and got her a new pair of monkey pjs and wait for it… wait for it… Mr. Potato Head!  Holy shit!  I forgot that they even still made those, and she’s absolutely ballistic that she has a toy “Mommy played with when she was a little girl”.  That and her batteries for that little kids laptop thingy. Oi.

So for now, back to the budget, (with hopefully extra money for savings from our new bonus plan at work) and back to responsible spending.  I am grateful for the break in financial hell though.

Honest to freaking god, it feels like the world finally decided to get off my shoulders.


13 thoughts on “Coffee and Cigarettes. Just where I’m supposed to be.

  1. Candace

    I am glad you treated yourself. I also feel guilty everytime I buy something for myself. Its hard to find that balance between paying bills and enjoying life. If we could only win the lottery!

    • Haha, who are you kidding, if we won the lottery, we’d buy ourselves one nice thing, and then the rest would go to our families, boyfriends, friends and houses. Haha. Love you!

  2. JenN-Moo

    A treat every once in a while keeps us sane. My treat is every few months I like to get an overnight sitter, a hotel room and have raucous obnoxiously loud sex with my husband! *wink wink*

    • Yeah that’s something I’m learning how to do again. I never used to buy myself clothes, saving money and such. I still don’t buy much, but I do browse the thrift stores for a good find.

  3. JenN-Moo

    Yes, Hot Topic sucks. Torrid clothes would probably be like tents on you though. lol I do love the accessories there too, I got my favorite “hooker” boots from there. LOVE them with my skinny jeans!

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