There is something to be said…


… about compromise.  Compromise makes the world go ’round.  Compromise makes everyone get along and poof!  There’s glitter, unicorns and fucking rainbows made out of skittles.  Compromise.

Trust came up in a conversation not too long ago.  We all know I have a hard time trustinganyone especially after the last handful of years.  I know I have trust issues, but unfortunately, with the people I have trust issues with… they are well-founded.

I’ve never been a fan of trusting someone once they’ve hurt me.  Why should I?  Hurt me once, shame on you, hurt me twice? Shame. On. Me.  I’ve lost many a good person to this thought process of mine, so I’ve tried to fix it.  I’ve tried to figure out a way to mend my thinking process, to take the fuck you out of the equation.

Compromise.  That’s the one thing I can say.  If you can’t compromise with me, then I won’t be able to trust you.  If you allow yourself to get into suspicious situations, then how will that allow me to heal and begin to trust you again.  If you act like you’re doing/saying the same thing you did/said before, why should I try?

It’s pretty simple.  If you can’t compromise and at least attempt to show me I should trust you, then there’s pretty much no reason I should consider it.  Trust.  In my book, you have to earn it.  I’ve become a little soft lately, but that doesn’t mean I will just flip a switch and trust someone again.

If a thief claims they’re not a thief anymore,
yet comes over with things they can’t afford,
do you trust them?

If a gossip girl claims they don’t gossip anymore,
yet people know things only you’ve told them,
do you trust them?

If a cheater claims they don’t cheat anymore,
yet puts themself into a situation that looks them same,
do you trust them?

If a liar claims they are truthful,
yet everyone states and proves otherwise,
do you trust them?

You tell me.


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