… and I’m childish?


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Do the world a favor and stop talking… we’re losing IQ points just listening to you.

The past two days have been one hell of a wild ride, a blur of drama.  It’s been a while since I have gotten *that* angry.  You know, angry enough to start destroying people’s lives… holding back only because the blow out might effect a child.  One more person has now permanently lost my respect, as well as moved up on my shit list.  The last bit of this dramatic affair happened 4 hours ago and I’m still seeing red.  I don’t know how many times I have to prove that I don’t fuck around, especially if it effects me or my family, or someone I care about.  I take care of business, and yet another person is learning this.  You know as well as I, any good story begins with….

… SO THIS BITCH… yes.  Let me clarify.  BITCH.  B.I.T.C.H.  Bitch.  So this biiiiitch, started a fight with me yesterday.  I offended her with two bluntcards I had uploaded to facebook.  I actually found out because she lacked the ovaries to talk to ME first, but instead talked to a friend of mine.  She told my friend that I was childish and threatened him if I didn’t take them down.  My friend told me and I took them down.  She then proceeded to message me and we battled it out in facebook private message.  I’d post it here like I usually do, but I brought up points that should not be shared with the wide web, it’s good enough that she has those thoughts dwelling in her head now.  Eventually the fight moved to the phone, same ole shit as the message… until she threatened my friend… again because “she doesn’t think I’m a good person”.  Okay.  Are you following me?  I’m not a good person because I don’t particularly like the broad and I posted two bluntcards on facebook… that obviously she felt related to her. (What’s that saying?  If you manage to think it relates to you, it does? Guilty conscious much?)  So the fight continued… I stood my ground and stated that if this shit continues she can speak to my lawyer.  Simple as that.  I don’t play these games.

Anyway.  So that was the end of that… or not.  Apparently not.  Of course not.  Because even though I’m the childish one… she had to one up me since obviously I hit a sore spot.  So I’m at work today, minding my own business.  A call comes in.  My co-worker beat me to the punch line.  Private Number.  Female who asks for me.  She puts them on hold and I answer the call after I finish the one I’m on.  When I pick up it’s a male.  Said male goes on to talk a lot of shit about my friend and myself, warns me to protect my family and then hangs up.  The shit talking?  The threat? The “I just wanted you to know” bullshit?  The same exact ones as the broad from yesterday.  It’s a pretty unique threat/insult.  Pretty fucking unique.  So unique that the first time either of us had heard about it was last night.

Interesting.  I’m not one to believe in coincidences.  Not a single fucking bit.  Especially not word for word, less than 14 hours after I originally heard it.  Plus.  More importantly.  They called me at work.  On my work line.  You know, the one that’s not on my facebook.  The one that not even my boyfriend, family or daycare have.  Pretty fucking interesting.  As far as I’m concerned… it’s a pretty big coinci-fucking-dence that a completely different person…. who doesn’t personally know me (as they stated)… repeats the SAME EXACT SHIT…  less than a day later.  Just a thought, it takes some effort (more than the average hater will give) to look up someone’s place of employment, look up the number, and get the balls to call me at work.

So whatever.  Bet.  Chick crossed the line.  Crossed the line.  So, like I did not too long ago, I took steps to protect myself, my life, my family as well as my work.  I called the police and filed (yet another) harassment report.  I told her I was not fucking around anymore.  I told the caller that too.  Simple as that.  So that is officially said and done… and now if it happens again?  Arrests will be made.  Done deal.  How many times do I have to tell all ya’ll.  Don’t fuck with me.



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