Parenting Gone Wrong


You know I’m pretty much open minded when it comes to parenting.  I am.  We’ve all chosen different parenting methods and more importantly we’ve all made mistakes.  There’s a saying I’ve heard.. “There’s no way to be a perfect parent, but 10,000 ways to be a great one.”  It’s most definitely true.  No one is perfect.  Hell, we’re having chicken nuggets and pizza rolls for dinner tonight purely because I don’t feel like hearing my picky eater whine.

There is one thing I really can’t stand though.  One thing, I will not stand.  Y’all will be familiar with it.  You will.  Why?  Because HALF of all part time moms do it.  ( I say part time because you are not a single mother if the father is there to help out at all.  Sorry, it’s the truth… and like I stated yesterday… y’all know I have strong opinions, and those who know me best know that you’re not going to like 80% of them.)

I absolutely hate when girls (girls, not Woman, little girls) put their children right smack dab in the middle of an argument with their ex.  Sure, it hurts the father, but you know what?  It hurts the child just as much, if not more.  Putting the child in the middle of the fight, dragging a child into it, and using a child as a pawn means you are absolutely nothing but a waste of space on this planet.

The most recent one I’ve seen?  Pathetic.  A mom who spends more time at the bar than with her own kid.  Shared custody (thank god) but when it’s her turn to be a parent… she drops him off at his grandmother’s.  She plays the “Oh-it’s-so-hard-being-a-single-parent” card… yet her kid never sees her.  It’s sad, no like seriously.  Even to myself, and I’m a huge fan of “every home is dysfunctional” and “kids are tough they’ll live and learn”. Yet watching it effect this child, in obvious emotional ways as well as in behavior, it breaks my heart.  So obviously I already do not like this woman.

So the other day, she got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend.  The father of her child.  And to get her way?  Guess what she tried to do.  Guess.  Just fucking guess.  Clues:  Only the scummiest parents will do this.  Guuuuess.  You know you want to.

She dropped the kid bomb.

As in “If you don’t listen to me, I won’t let you see your kid anymore.” Followed immediately by, “I’m the mother, I know what’s best.” So, let me get this straight.  You want to take your child away from a loving father, who devotes every moment to his child…. so you can have the last laugh?  So your child is in a truly broken home?  To prove a point?

This so called “mother” would like her child to cry at night for the father.  You know, just like Noodle did for months.  Except for the “mother” is WILLINGLY doing this… willing hurting her own child just to hurt the father.

I witnessed my own child grieve when her Dad stopped calling/writing/seeing her.  He left for Colorado because drinking and not working suit him just fine.  He hurt my child in the process.  I had to watch my child bawl every single night waiting for her Dad to come home, knowing I couldn’t do anything to fix it.  Do you know what kind of helpless feeling that is knowing your own child’s heart is breaking due to the other parent?

This woman wants to do this to her own child… because she wants to prove a point.  Because she wants to hurt her ex-boyfriend.  I hope for the child’s sake that her ex stands up to her, in fact, I know he will.  From what I hear, he is a great dad, and dad’s like that don’t stand for it.

And y’all wonder why I hang out with men.  Females just piss me off.


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