We’ve all been there…. meaning in this woman’s spot. And most of us have had the sense to laugh at the “new perfect moms” .

Coffee and Spellcheck

I’m going to be bad for a minute, maybe even evil.  Please do forgive me.

The boy child has been doing awesome lately, at home and at school.  Working hard, using manors, pulling his weight.  So for a change of pace, with him being off for a four-day weekend, I took the kids BOTH to Mc.Death’s (eh hem, McDonald’s) for the first time ever… INSIDE, where they have a playground.

His jaw dropped from surprise.

We stuffed our faces with chicken nuggets, and the minions dotted their faces with katsup and crumbs.  They ran, they played, I sat back and laughed.  Good times, a special treat, while my sourdough whole wheat bread cooled back at home.  (That’s me stressing how special of a treat heart-attack food is for us)

Finally I wrangled them up, threw on their coats and did my best to balance an 18 month year old, the hand of…

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