Stand. By. Me.


There is one thing I’m not.  I’m not a doormat… pertaining to anything and everything.  I have my opinions, I have my wants, needs and loves.  Just like I have my dislikes and hates.  I’m not one to sway one way or another because of someone else’s opinion/guilt trip/want.  That’s just the way I am.  As far as I’m concerned… either get used to it or take a walk… down Waukegan Pier… past the light house.

The current situation.  Was invited to go bar-hopping on St. Patty’s day.  A couple of years ago? (You know, when I was 21 and had money to blow) Sure.  Now?  Not so much.  My friend wants to take a train with a bunch of other people and hit every bar from Des Plaines here (45 minute train ride).  Then back.  Then crash at another friends house.  I don’t want to go.  Why?

Lack of money: I’d have to get an all night sitter, have money for drinks, train ticket, and cab if need be (because come one now… nothing is more difficult than herding a crowd of drunk people on a train).

Sleeping at a strangers house:  I’m not fond of it.  I can’t sleep in an unfamiliar place and don’t particularly want to sleep at someone I’ve never met’s house.  I tend to feel like hell in the morning (Crohns) and would like to be in the privacy of my own house.  That leads us to…

The Baiid Device:  I will not drive my car even after one beer.  I made the mistake once and got in a decent amount of trouble… for blowing the following morning after drinking.  I don’t even risk it… if I drank the night before, my car is out of commission until the next evening.  Simple as that.  If I get a violation, that baiid device is in my car for another 3 months or removed.  Sorry, no amount of fun will make me go out…. sure I can be the DD, but a car load of drunk people?  Nah.  I’m good.

Last but not least?  Bar-hopping:  You know, it’s fun if it’s local.  Or in Chicago.  No worries about a train or what not… even more so if you have a cab home.  Even then, maybe 2 bars.  I’m not huge on going in a bar for 45 minutes… having a drink… having a bit of fun and then bam… back on the train/cab/car to the next one.  What can I say… I just don’t enjoy it.  Never really have.  I’d rather just go to my local bar or a pub to shoot some pool.

At first I felt a bit bad.  My friend pulled a guilt trip about how they never suggest anything to do.. how I haven’t met any of their friends… blah blah.  You know, I always thought that if someone was a good friend, cared about you even, they would respect your decisions.  If they don’t agree, maybe trying to argue a bit… but a guilt trip?  About something I can’t afford/risk/don’t want to do?  That kind of hurts. It bugs me a bit to be honest.

But whatever.  If I go out for St. Pat’s, I’ll go local.  With people I know.  For a handful of hours.  Then sleep in my own bed.  Thanks but no thanks.


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