Traditional to boot… or with boots. Combat Boots?


So I have a designated hour to myself this morning.  I am curled up in bed with my coffee before I start my to-do list.  Noodle is home from school today even (annoyingly so) she is acting normal.  So I got up, dropped the boyfriend off at work and got home a little while ago after running a quick errand.  I do have to say, in this bit of time I have to think, I am a bit nostalgic.

Last night I reverted directly into my old stay-at-home-mom role.  As I was fixing dinner, (at a normal time for a change) I started planning my to-do list for today.  Breakfast, laundry, bedding, shampoo the carpet, clean out the car, coffee and if Noodle’s throat keeps on not-hurting a trip to the pond at the forest preserve so she can run off the med induced hyper-mania.  Planned dinner for tonight, even though the boyfriend will be back late after his class.

With out even thinking.

When it comes to the ideal life, I am extremely traditional (hey feminists, I can kick your ass even if I am barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen…. remember… we fought for the right to CHOOSE our lifestyle).  I believe the best place for me is at home.  When I was a stay at home mom/wife, I found a huge amount of pride in keeping my home beautiful, having food on the table just in time for my husband to come home, and spending time with my child.  I loved the domestic aspect.  In my home, if I had it my way in the future, I’d be able to be home to cook dinner at a reasonable time, yet still have time to play with my kid, help with homework and maintain the house.  I feel like housework and (most of) cooking is the woman’s job.  The man?  Yardwork (except for gardening, that’s mine too.) trash, maintenance jobs, drains (yuck), and car repair.  Traditional.  That’s how I am most comfortable.  I like to take care of my child and my man full time.

That being said, my mind is not made for staying at home 24/7 (hence why I went to college).  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stay at home like that again. Again, if I had it my way in the future, I’d work part time and then come back to the home front.

Ahhhh, how I wish things could be.  Unfortunately I’m a single parent.  I’m doomed to a life of full time work, seeing my co-workers more than my child, losing out on homework time, and shoving a weeks worth of housework into the evening hours or weekends. So I guess in the mean time, I’ll just thrive for the weekends, and the long summer days where I can be outside with my kid more.  Hah.

*** Alright, just because someone will get irritated by this post I am reiterating.  This is how I want MY life to be.  How I feel MY family should run.  How I want to run MY house.  My views.  Not yours.  Pertaining to ME, MY family and MY house.  Not yours.  So un-bunch your panties.


6 thoughts on “Traditional to boot… or with boots. Combat Boots?

  1. Indeed and Amen and double likes and such. Accept all I miss about working is the conversation… it’s been too long and I’m too stubborn to go back on anyone else’s schedule. And too, I miss you in my sahm world, I miss those days, but may I say that you’ve done beyond and above what most of us can handle. *raises coffee mug up in admiration* Lubs ya!

    • Thanks Em! I really do miss being a stay at home mom. I know what you mean about conversation… that’s why I’d have to work at least part time to keep my sanity. CafeMom and College are the only things that saved me from stalking Oprah and stashing her and a few other people in my crawlspace. Love you!

  2. free penny press

    I’m not gonna lie.. If I had it my way, Lynne would stay home M-F and tend the home fires too. Unfortunately, being a single parent (ok, last one leaves the nest next year) makes me get up and hit that office M-F (except today I’m feeling fluish & in la casa).
    I used to be a stay at home Mom when the kids were younger and hubby was in residence and they were some mighty fine days..
    ones with panties in a bunch secretly want to be at home too :-)

    • That’s usually how it works it seems. The ones who get hop on the offensive against stay at home moms seem to be the ones who want to be at home the most. Some women work full time and love it, some work part time and stay home, some stay home all together. To each their own and I hope everyone finds the way to function and enjoy their time!

  3. Kristen

    Sounds good to me! I agree — I thought the whole point of feminism was to create a CHOICE, not to force women out of their homes if that’s where they want to be!

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