Throat Punch, Skullfukk, Trip Fall and Die and head to Hell on your way out.


I am a bit stressed out today.  Why?  Oh no particular reason.  Just the regular stuff.  More than likely my uterus is to blame, but meh, I’ll just rip the sucker out and put it on craigslist.  Uterus for sale: Only used for Storage twice.

I am definitely fighting off anxiety attacks today.  I honestly just need a break, a mini vacation, hell, one night and one day to relax.  Unfortunately that is not in the near future for me.  I really don’t have cash for a babysitter at the moment, you know, still doing the adult thing, paying off the ridiculous amount of debt my teen-aged self acquired.

I would normally be cheering for tomorrow, friday, but I am working on Saturday.  Trying to get some of the stubborn – I can’t take off of work to come in and view – customers out of the way and regain some off the hours I lost due to Noodle’s little strep adventure. So my day off?  Sunday.  Next week isn’t much better either.  I get to nap on Tuesday while hooked up for Remicade… but I don’t think that counts as a high point in the week.

I honestly just think I need a good ole dose of the outdoors.  Seriously.  Some sunshine, warm temperatures and alone time.  The weather has been swinging back and forth a lot lately, giving us just a little taste of spring, then back into the 30’s for us.  So to say I’m looking forward to my first forest preserve trip is an understatement.

What did that stupid fish say?  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

If I was her?  It’d be more like : Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, you better swim faster or I’m going to eat your fucking face.

Okay, I’m off to face the rest of the evening.  I guess I better make dinner…  I just hope a hot shower and a massage is in my future.


5 thoughts on “Throat Punch, Skullfukk, Trip Fall and Die and head to Hell on your way out.

  1. free penny press

    I have had many (and I stress, many) days like this.. No dinero so what to do….I locked the bathroom door, lit candles (not as corny as it sounds), filled up the soaking pit, (no bubbles, use shampoo), slipped in and let myself daydream and then try to manifest in my head what kind of life I deserved and wanted..
    I’d trade ya some of this 80 degree weather for a cool breeze anytime..
    smile, tomorrow is a new day :-)

    • Thanks hun! I know it’s a new day tomorrow, just waiting for a break is all. Maybe a bath… oh wait… the tub needs to be cleaned. Haha. Can’t even catch a break with that one. Bleh, and I’ll totally trade you weather. :)

      • free penny press

        you crack me up.. I know I get tired of waiting for the break-train too.. but it does come.. enjoy your Sunday off :-)

  2. Hey there Ms. Sarah,

    If we lived in the same country, or if you ever make it up here to Canada, I would be happy to watch Noodle for a day…. That being impossible the only other comfort I have is… Books!! I could send you another one if you so desired.

    I hope you are finding the rest you need. I know you don’t need to hear this, but I am gonna say it anyway: You are an amazing mom and person. Your daughter is lucky to have such a caring and wise role model.

    Anyways, come Sunday load a new book (which on are you on??) run a bath, give Noodle something to occupy her time for a half an hour and soak in the goodness of reading in the tub. You deserve a break, I am sorry I am not the one that can give it to you. If there is anything I can do to make your day just a little bit better, don’t hesitate to ask.

    xoxoo – S.
    P.S. The new blog is because I wanted somewhere I was anonymous and could write what I wanted. Because my other blog has been posted on my Facebook account, and C. knows about it, I wanted somewhere I could clear my head without the fear of having to explain myself. Does this make sense? The new blog just makes me feel freer than the old one. I don’t have to think about what I am saying cause I am anonymous! :D Hugs, again. (I really don’t know if you are a hug person or not, but I figured cyber hugs wouldn’t invade your personal space too badly if you are against hugging. Correct me if I am wrong?? LOL)

    • Hey you! I have finished those books you sent! For right now I’m reading a series by Lilith Saintcrow, pretty good! And I definitely think a bath and a good book are in store for this weekend, thanks for the idea. Currently I am actually relaxing, the boyfriend has let me chill out for a bit while he cooks dinner and wrangles my hyper 4 year old, just one more day until a break.

      I totally get it about the anonymous blog. I do trust me… everyone reads this one of mine, from my parents to the boyfriend to my boss. Everyone. I’m too lazy to start a new one though, so my thoughts I’d like to keep out of other’s ears go into my physical journal… and everything else that might offend someone gets put into a general sense.

      I hope all is well with you, how are you holding up?

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