Simple Things. Simple Woman.



So The Boyfriend and I were talking over the weekend about all of the stuff we need to do with the house in order to make this move go smoothly.  Combining two households worth of shit is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when both of us seem to lean a bit towards pack-rats.  We’re listing off all the stuff we need to do, and of course, in typical me-style, I start getting anxiety-ridden.  It was overwhelming.  The list in reality wasn’t that long.  The major parts just being a general cleaning and clearing out the third bedroom.  Either way, I got overwhelmed.  I went through the mountain of clothes that had over-time grew on the floor and The Boyfriend put away some boxes in the attic for me.  Far from done though.  I had two huge foot lockers to move, clothes to move into another closet and numerous other cleaning to do.  I figured whatever.

Today I had to work.  You know, that adult thing I do Monday-Friday 8-5. The Boyfriend didn’t have to work today (usually he’s got the same schedule as I do) due to his boss being a general putz.  So he was going to stay home and get some additional work done.  I headed into work and dealt with bullshit after bullshit from stores and general annoyance in my mindless paperwork.  If it wasn’t for an awesome viewing with a great customer with exotic granite and finding out raises will be on the next paycheck, someone might have died.  Like no shit, died.  Shanked.  With my little yellow pen with the feathers and glitter on top.  I was not in a good mood.

As I was pulling through my neighborhood, I started making a list of things that I wanted to take care of tonight.  Putting away the rest of the clothes, organizing the closet in my room.  I knew he had done some work, I asked him to move the footlockers since I couldn’t lift them and so on.  What I came home to blew my mind.  My living-room… spot less.  My bedroom… spotless.  Trunks in the closet and clothes put away.  Boxes gone, 3rd bedroom cleaned out (minus a pile of mystery stuff he didn’t know what to do with.  Kitchen… spotless.  Steaks, marinating.  Coffee brewing.  Ya’ll know how I am about that.  Clean a little bit, wield a few tools and know when I’ll need a cup of coffee and I’m yours.  Needless to say, I was amazed.  I walked into my bedroom… and spotted my book shelf empty, sitting in the spotless nook.  Where were my books?  Holy fucking shit.  The boyfriend put up 3 wall to wall shelves in my nook for all my books.  My book shelf, 4 tiers high, and stacked 2 books thick… empty.  Now I can fill it with more books.  :)  It was a wonderful end to a stressful day.

So now, he’s watching cartoons with my little one while I write and enjoy this cup of coffee, and I’m left to my own thoughts.  I’m so incredibly happy, it’s almost like a dream.  I’m a simple girl.  I don’t like bouquets of flowers or expensive jewelry.  I don’t need expensive nights out to restaurants, where a plate is worth more than my beater car.  The simple things make me happy.  Like my rose-bush.  Coming home to a clean house.  Freshly painted walls.  Home-cooked dinner.  Bookshelves.  My favorite presents I’ve gotten? From him.  The two I love most?  My leather and twine bracelet (he picked mine and I picked his) and my shell necklace.  Simple.  I’m very lucky to have met someone who knows exactly what I like, what I need, and when I need it.  Perfectly timed every time.  He’s made this woman a very happy one.  A jealous little girl has said that he’s not a man, but a “bitch”.  At first I was a bit angry but now?  I’m laughing.  A man is not a bitch for up-keeping a house with his own hands.  A man is not a bitch for working every day.  A man is not a bitch for buying me what I want instead of stupid shit.  A man is not a bitch for doing things to make me happy, just because he can.  So if a “Man” doesn’t do these things, then I’m not interested.  I’m in a relationship to be happy, to have someone (literally) by my side.  I want (and am finally) with someone who is on the same team as I am.  We can fight our battles together.  I think that’s what makes a real man, not someone who treats me like shit and leaves me hanging.

I’ve done a lot of thinking in the past week, a lot of muddling through my thoughts.  Debating whether or not we’re making the right decision.  I recapped the last year and re-thought everything I’ve been looking for.  The last year has changed who I am, and what I want.  I’m a better person for all the shit that has happened, and luckily for  me, I found someone who is a better person for what he’s been through.  So I’m going to leave this entry on that, and finish enjoying the evening.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and doesn’t mind my mushy posts the past couple days.  I’m busy making my house a home.  :)



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