The Tough Get Tougher.


What an ungodly long weekend.  For real, I’m curled up around a cup of coffee just to stay awake enough to stay up until my bedtime.  Oh myyyy how I’ve changed (go back about a year in this blog… you’ll see).  The big move was this weekend, and once it finally got off the ground it went by with out a hitch.

The problem was getting the damn thing off the motha fucking ground.  The first issue was the truck, but after we figured that out we were moving by 2.

We also had to find help, since our original helper ended up getting a new job (yay him!!!) and working that day.  Thank god for my neighbors.  Seriously, it’s like they’re a second family.  A came and helped Ry load the moving truck and after we got back from the first round T brought her little munchkin over to occupy my Noodle and she helped me unpack 90% of the kitchen and other misc. stuff.  With out her keeping me focused and A helping Ry we would’ve been lost.  T’s mom even dragged us all over for dinner… that was sweet and much appreciated.  Once again they were life savers, as they have been many times since I’ve moved in.  :0)

The night was (thankfully) finished off with beers and chatter while the kids wore themselves out before their bedtimes.  That was the highlight of the night.  Just hanging out, unpacking, and talking with friends.  I think that was my break for sanity for the weekend.  God knows it’s been hectic since.

The unpacking part is mostly done.  I have a ton of laundry to do, and Ry is in charge of sorting his son’s toys and setting up his bed.  Other than that it’s just cleaning up and putting things away.  Oh, and putting in the new stove.  Yikes… I’m soo not touching gas lines seeing as how my brilliant ass just put a small hole in the wall hanging a fucking tile picture.  Looks like a Ry job to me!

As for today?  Errands.  Endless amounts of errands and appointments for both of us.  None of which yielded good news at all.   Things could have very well been much worse, but we got some pretty bad news today.  And no, I’m not talking about it yet.  Just know that it’s another road-bump (the size of kentucky) in our way.  It’s a little overwhelming, seeing as how said road bumps never seem to show up at opportune times, but you know, after re-arranging my house 4 times in the last 3 hours I’ve cleared my head.  It’s just one more thing for us to overcome and work with.  Both of us have been through quite a bit in our lives, and whether we like it or not, we have no choice but to muddle through and conquer problems.  So the bad news is just one more thing to overcome.  Once we get it sorted out, it can only continue to get better.

So in the meantime it just means more work.  Work work work work work.  We’ll get that happy ending no matter what happens (except for if I have to stab a bitch and get charged with murder) and we’ll make it through.  And in the mean time?  New (old) haircut… and purple hair!!  :)



3 thoughts on “The Tough Get Tougher.

  1. Hey S,

    It has been a while since we connected and I just wanted to tell you that I am delighted with the transition I have watched you go through. You are exactly right, you have changed a shit load in the last year, but it has all been for the better.
    When I first started reading I really had no idea how you manged to do all the thing you do. You had a social life, a daughter, and seemed to always have fun. As I watched you grow, you found the strength to keep going. I sincerely admire how you constantly find some well of inner sureity that allowed you to push forward and maintain some hope for a better future. How you deal with all the drama of stupid people and manage to remain true to yourself.

    This is a random question but I would really like your thoughts on it: Do you know what your core values are? How do you know you are going the right way? How do you maintain confidence when it seems like the world gives you shit and more shit oh and to top it all off, MORE shit!

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am happy I stumbled across this blog and got to see you transition from an adult into an admirable woman and mother.
    Tons of love,
    xo – S.

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