Thunderstorms and my mini-me.


My daughter is yelping at the front window, with every flash of lightning I hear “I saw a flashing light!! Mama I hear the thunder!”  A good storm is starting up and I’m glad my kid loves them.  We had a nice talk yesterday about how you shouldn’t be scared of thunderstorms, that they are really cool and fun to watch.  Yup, that’s me, grooming my daughter to be an enthusiast right along with me.

Thunderstorms are my favorite type of weather.  I look forward all winter to the first spring storms and watching them roll in.  There is nothing else like watching the storm clouds come to a head and explode into wind, rain and brilliant bright lights.  I’ve been obsessed with thunderstorms and weather as long as I can remember, my earliest memory of them was standing outside with my Dad, hearing the sirens go off, watching for funnel clouds.  I always wanted to go to school to be a meteorologist, and at the very most?  Chase storms.  I learned everything I could about weather growing up, I read book after book, studied different radar shots and learned as much as I could about weather phenomena.  Storms are my forte.

Years and years later, I still love them.  I do the same thing my dad did and take my little Noodle outside to watch the storm begin.  I get a thrill when she gets all excited at the first lightning flash.  Then, when my almost 5 year old asked to see what the radar looked like and what everything meant, my heart melted.  She is definitely my mini-me.

For now?  I’m content sitting in bed with my coffee, listening to her chirp at the lightning flashes and laugh at the thunder.  Teaching my daughter simple thrills, teaching her to appreciate and love nature is what I’ve been aiming for… and it seems like it’s working.



One thought on “Thunderstorms and my mini-me.

  1. free penny press

    It’s wonderful to be a mother, protector and life guide isn’t it?
    PS- I love thunderstorms…

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