The Perfect Sunday


We’ve been up since about 7, which for the past few weeks have been the norm for us.  We managed to sit outside for our morning cup of coffee, and while I straightened up the boyfriend started cooking breakfast.  Cinnamon Raisin French Toast.  I knew there was a reason I let him move in, this must be it.  :) 

While breakfast is cook and the laundry is finishing up, I’m sitting on the comfy couch, listening to my daughter chatter to herself and drinking my coffee.  This is why I love Sundays.  

I always manage to pack too much into Saturdays, you know, the stuff that I didn’t get to during the week.  While I usually have a blast on Saturdays, I end up exhausted and wanting to go to bed early.  The benefit of all that madness is that Sunday’s always end up being much more lax.  I think that’s the reason I always look forward to them so much.  

So after breakfast, I need to run to the store to exchange a pair of shorts that I got for a different size.  After that I believe we’re going to another local Farmer’s Market, the Strawberry Fest yesterday chased away the vendors, so we’re going to try some where else.  I would usually just go to my favorite veggie stand, but she doesn’t have a huge variety yet since it comes from her farm and it’s still pretty early in the season.  After that?  I’m honestly not sure.  We used all the dead wood from the trees to build a fire last night, but maybe we can find more.  Who knows?  There usually isn’t much of a plan… which I love.  

Well, I’m going to go fill up my coffee cup and peek in on Ry and Nood, he’s explaining how to make french toast, and it’s pretty apparent that Nood is in awe.  Happy weekend everyone!


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