It’s been one year. (Written Earlier)


Right at this moment, I’m at Highland Park Hospital.  It’s that time again, time for my Remicade infusion.  I come in every 8 weeks for a few hours, get my medication and I’m out!  It’s pretty boring, and I usually have to take off of work to do it, but it helps.  My Crohns Disease has been flaring for the past few weeks, but nothing too major, so I am still pretty grateful for my infusions.

So here I sit, frolicking around the internet while the boyfriend watches Pineapple Express on his phone.  I lost interest as soon as he said the title, so in go my earphones and on goes the music.  So as I was mindlessly searching the internet for something I didn’t already know, I realized something.  One year ago, I was here too.  Except one year ago, I was admitted and here for a week for a bowel obstruction.  I had been facing surgery and was pretty scared, that and bowel obstructions just generally suck… you know, excruciating pain and puking and all that nonsense.  So it’s been almost exactly a year, I’ve managed to keep my ass out of an admission for a whole year (minus a few overnights).  I’m pretty proud of this… I’m taking it as a big giant Fuck You Crohns Disease!  

It’s pretty baffling to think that I’ve been living with Crohns Disease for 4 years already.  Some days it seems like it was just yesterday that I first started showing symptoms,  other days it seems like this has been my life for as long as I can remember… those are the days that I forget what feeling perfectly healthy feels like.  After four years though, I’ve learned that it is something I can live with.  It’s not the end of the world.  Yes, it sucks, yes I feel like I got the short end of the genetic stick, but life goes on.  Through the past four years I’ve learned that life is what you make of it.  Simple as that.

I’m luckier than some though, while my Crohns is not in remission anymore, my symptoms are still not quite severe and I can still function with a little bit of effort.  While my disease could progress much farther and it is working on it, I have a wonderful doctor and very supportive family.  When I need help, all I have to do is ask, when I need a should to cry on, I have one.  I am lucky, and today is one of those days I am thanking my lucky stars.


4 thoughts on “It’s been one year. (Written Earlier)

  1. Ive only just entered this world, my little boy whos 8 is just about to start on the same drugs that you are having… hopefully theyll work for him too . Good luck with everything :)

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