Changing the Seasons


Apparently the boyfriend’s and my anniversary is coming up, or past, or whatever.  I’m not sure and quite honestly I am content to let the boyfriend figure out when it’s supposed to be.  Regardless we’ve been together for about a year, give or take two weeks.  [Obviously I’m the best girlfriend ever, if I can’t remember our anniversary how am I going to bitch at him for forgetting… lets add in that I forgot what MONTH his birthday was in last week.  Trophy please.]  We talked about everything that’s happened in our lives in the past year and we talked about change.

Change.  Our lives have changed quite a bit in the past year.  Some of the changes were unavoidable and abrupt, while some changes happened with out us even noticing.  So as we sat with our coffee out in the backyard, I started to think about how much life has changed.  I thought about the way our lives have evolved, intertwining our families and aspirations for the future.  How my home has been molded into our home and how we’ve changed each other.

While of course, parts of us are still the same as they were before.  He’s still laid back enough that a house could drop on him and he wouldn’t care if he lost his ruby slippers.   Where as I’m still high strung to the point where I can have an anxiety attack big enough for the both of us.. or hell the whole county.  I’m still anal retentive about getting bills paid and the house clean, where as he realizes that the world will not end if it isn’t done right. this. fucking. second. The only change regarding our own personalities is that we kind of balance each other out.  He’ll help me clean when I’m being neurotic and I’ll kick him square in the nads when he has procrastinated on something too long.

I know for sure that other aspects of me have changed.  I’ve finally become a homebody.  I realized last weekend that I hadn’t “gone out” in 4 months… and didn’t even know it had been that long.  I used to get antsy if I was stuck inside all the time, now I prefer it.  I’d much rather be out in the backyard with the boyfriend that at the bar or wasting money at a restaurant.  I’d rather get up at 8am on Saturday and work on the yard than feel exhausted since I was up until 3am.  I don’t know if it was because of his homebody demeanor or what, but something rubbed off on it.  Staying out of the night life has taught me nothing if not that I know who my real friends are.  Which is nothing but a benefit.  We both have learned who our close and true friends are in the past year, and the list has dwindled but friendships we’ve kept have strengthened.

All in all we talked about the people we were and the people we want to become.  I think we’ve got something good here folks, and I’m glad we decided to take the chance and get to know each other.  Who knows what the future can bring, and as long as it’s not dead bodies ie me having to bury him in the yard under the lilies, I’m good.  So I guess once I figure out our anniversary (or just make up a date) I’ll wish for many more years.  In the mean time, I’m happy with what we have and am grateful to have the family we have.



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