Kindergarten… next up? High School.


My Short One finished her last day of Summer Camp on Friday.  She’s been asking ever since then if she was going to school, if we could skip the weekend, if it was time for Kindergarten yet.  Not a moment of peace, if she’s not asking about it, she’s running around the house with her zebra print and pink backpack, pretending.  “Mom, I’m going to school, I’ll see you later!!”

Her Scrunchys went with her everywhere.

My little Noodle is going to Kindergarten on Monday.  KINDERGARTEN.  Okay, I get it.  All kids grow up.  I just want to know… where in the hell did the last few years go?  How is she in Kindergarten when it seems like I just caught her pooping in the corner during potty training (oh yeah, I’m sooo telling her boyfriends!) and wasn’t it yesterday that she learned how to run with out running straight into the nearest wall/corner/table/lamp/chair/anything that could possibly cause injury?  Where did her binkys go?  Where is her scrunchy? (Remember puff-a-lumps?  My step-mother bought like 15 off of Ebay for her after she wouldn’t sleep with out the one from my childhood.)

:: Sigh ::

Instead I have a beautiful little girl who runs around with the boys.  She climbs fences, collects worms and bugs, spends more time trying to out run/shoot/splash/bike/kill zombies than the neighbor boy than she she does playing with her barbies.  Instead of the little poop and tear machine of the past, I have a brilliant little girl who refuses to eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger and demands Sauteed Mushrooms. Gone are the bottles and diapers, in their place is glitter and legos.

Oh god help me.  I’m going to blink and she’s going to be a Freshman.

Yup. Totally Mine.


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