I’ll just ignore it and it’ll go away.


No relationship is perfect, every single relationship has problems… what determines how big the problems get is how a couple handles them.  A lot of women tend to bottle things up, ignoring the problem or pouting about it hoping their husband or boyfriend will ask about it.  The end result of that?  Well, what I normally hear from my guy friends is a blow out fight started because the man didn’t know there was even a problem because no one ever told him.

Look ladies, men are not mind-readers.  Unless the problem is serious and obvious, they most likely have no idea it’s even bothering you.  You can pout all you want, but when your man asks you what’s wrong and you say “Nothing.” or “I’m fine.” punctuated by sighs, the ensuing fight is your fault.  How do I know?  Watching it happen numerous times, as well as being the broad that muttered “Fine.” instead of opening my trap and telling my boyfriend what’s wrong.

So when I had a problem, as minuscule as it may have been, I asked to talk.  Instead of bottling it up until I exploded, we sat down on the front step and talked about it.  So now we have a solution and he knows that I was upset about something.  Fight averted.  Evening saved.

I guess the main reason I’m writing about this, is that I’m tired of hearing my girlfriends rant “He acted like he had no idea I was upset!” Well no DUH! You have to say something.  Every time one of my guy friends says “Dude, she’s ignoring me and I don’t even know why!”  Ladies yes, I know, we all wish that men would be more intuitive, and some of them are, but most of them are not.  That’s just how they are built.  You know what though?  Men wish we would just talk to them instead.  It goes both way.  They won’t try to be more intuitive if you won’t try to talk more when you have an issue.

So the next time I see one of ya’ll giving your man the silent treatment Imma slap you upside the head.  Got it? Good.


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