Autumn. And then some.


Fall. Autumn. The fuck you summer, winter is coming part of the year. It’s here and I’m thrilled even if I’m a bit sad to see summer go.

This summer flew by, there was a lot of chaos and some life lessons were learned. There were weekends at the lake house and afternoons spent in the backyard. It flew by though. It just seems like it just started.  Regardless, it’s over.

I like Autumn though, hoodie weather. It’s the time of year for bonfires and camping. The leaves seem to be falling early on the maples though so I’m not sure if I’ll make the trip to Devil’s Lake this year. Either way, I’m going to help Noodle collect leaves once they change.

I just can’t believe this year has flown by so fast, nor can I believe the changes it has brought. If nothing else, this year has been a productive one.

So I guess this weekend will be spend taking out the air conditioners and setting up the furnace. Maybe a trip to the forest preserve. Good bye Summer.


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