The Weekend


Welp folks, the weekend is finally here.  It’s Friday afternoon and I feel like I can finally breathe.  It’s been a really long couple of weeks and today is the first day I can really decompress.  This weekend isn’t looking particularly slow either, but I’m making it a point to take care of myself and relax.  

I’m excited that it’s supposed to be warm tomorrow, just in time for Noodle’s friends (and mine too!) to come over! Girl talk, coffee, kids running around, boyfriend at work, lets just say I’m excited.  Beyond that this weekend is going to have a boyfriend-requested sci-fi night, crafts (hey, it’s almost Christmas!) and lots of food and coffee.  Of course I’ll work on the yard (or Ryan will, and I’ll drink coffee and watch if I can get away with it) or do laundry or something  that adult-hood dictates, but only in between putting my feet up and chasing my kid. 

It’s going to be a good weekend, and I hope everyone enjoys it.  Cheers! 


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