Frustration and Coffee


For some reason I’m really agitated today.  I’m not even sure why, there’s nothing I can pinpoint.  I’m just generally anxious and riled up, even though my “vacation” begins tonight.  I feel like I should be doing something, but I have no idea what.  There’s nothing that immediately needs my attention.  I don’t know.

It might just be the fall season.  Usually around Autumn I feel melancholy and I start getting the itch to make big changes.  Except for this year, I haven’t decided on any big changes.  I was thinking of school, but because of current student debt, it’ll have to wait.  Other than that?  I don’t know.  There’s no real changes I want to make to the house until the spring, there’s nothing major with my family.  I don’t know.

Ah well.

So it’s my vacation, or rather “stay-cation”.  I took some time off of work to save what’s left of my mental health.  I’m off of work until Tuesday morning.  I ended up squeezing in some medical crap, but for the most part, the next 5 days are going to be about taking care of me.  Tomorrow morning, I have my remicade infusion, but will be out of there around noon.  Friday, I have my surgical consult, but that shouldn’t take long at all.  Other than that, there’s no plans.

I’m excited, Noodle has school Thursday and Friday and then a 3 day weekend.  So Thursday and Friday are days to myself.  Saturday and Monday, Ryan is working, so it’s Noodle-Mama time.  Sunday?  Family Day.  Maybe I’ll take a tour through the thrift stores, I need winter clothes.  Maybe the forest preserve for writing and music? Maybe coffee with my girlfriends?  Maybe a walk downtown?  Who knows.  Either way, it’ll be nice.

Obviously, from my level of un-called for anxiety, I need this break.


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