I’m still here and so are you.


If there is nothing else I’ve learned in this relationship I’m in, in this life I’ve lived, it’s to appreciate the small things.  Life is a soul sucking cunt bag, and will deal out some low ass blows.  Sometimes life is shitty, as most of you know my history, and sometimes you just get so run down you don’t notice the little “happy things” anymore.

On the flipside.  Sometimes life evens out.  The bad things go away, life gets a bandaid and you start to heal.  You start to settle into the new direction life is taking.  You start to be happy.  Then.  Then, you stop noticing the “happy things”.  You start getting annoyed at simple things you never worried about before.  There’s nothing exploding in your world, so there’s that thing your kid does, that tone the boyfriend takes.  You spend time getting annoyed with that and forget.

I hate to include this in my writing, but it’s what got me thinking in the first place.  A good friend of mine is currently fighting with his girlfriend.  The whole fight was put on facebook to see, and it rolled around in the back of my brain today.  This guy’s been a long time friend of mine, he’s a great guy and it leave my head that he’s having problems.  So it stuck with me.

Noodle, Ry and I packed up and ran errands earlier today.  Just simple stuff, stopped at the Sprint store, his haircut, and the craft store for me.  It was honestly a good day, we had made a huge breakfast and hung out all morning, so a trip to the craft store made my day.  While we were there I became aggravated at all of the people, I’m not a crowd person surprisingly, and Ry picked that inopportune time to chime in with questions.  I snapped a bit, became more aggravated and walked away to calm down.

As I browsed through glitter, beads and wire, I remembered my friend.  I remembered how upset him and his lady must be feeling.  I remembered some of our bad fights.  I thought about how petty my little outburst was.  As I picked through the glass beads, scoffing at the prices, I realized how good we do have it.  I realized that I had been taking things for granted again, just because things weren’t hectic.

So on the way home, I apologized and we talked about the small things, the “happy things” we take for granted.  The tiff was over, the fight avoided, and things are the same, but better.  Sometimes it takes an outside look, a reminder, and some ass-kicking annoyance to realize how good things are.  How lucky we can be.



One thought on “I’m still here and so are you.

  1. Great post!! Thanks for ‘bigging’ up the ‘little things’ in life, which we do all forget, and take for granted. I think these little things aren’t celebrated enough; we are always running to get over the next hurdle, and tensed to achieve something great, we then forget what makes life so special, and worth the hassle :)

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