“Why I hate naps” and other babble.


Today is my last day of “stay-cation”.  It’s been fun, it really has.  I got to spend time by myself and face some of my Crohns demons, I got to go thrifting and out for coffee.  I spent some good time with my daughter and boyfriend, and I spent time doing whatever I wanted.  Today is the last day, and what did I do?  Take a 2 hour nap.

Naps are heavenly.  If you don’t sleep well the night before, a nap may seem better than a whiskey sour after a long week of bullshit at the office.  People like to nap, curling up on a chilly afternoon and snoozing the hours away.  Hell, babies nap.  Old people nap.  Your 22 year old neighbor naps*.

*Sleeps until noon, wakes up, eats cocoa crispies, goes back to sleep.

I napped today.

And I hate naps.

I feel like with in those two hours, I missed the entire day.  Somehow, in those two hours, all of the plans I didn’t have will never get done, like those two hours were filled with things that I had been wanting to do for a millenia.

2 hours.

I fell asleep reading a book I’ve fallen in love with.  (The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by: Katherine Howe)  Sounds perfect right?  No.  I could’ve done, um, I could’ve done, something!!

I could’ve worked more on my writing, or my knitting.  There’s that soup that’s been simmering in the crock pot, or hell, there are all of the dishes that are creating a new life form in my sink… you know those dishes I’m still not going to do because, meh.  I can do them in an hour before I pick up Ryan.

Stupid nap.  Fucked up my mojo for the day.  Now there’s only a couple hours of daylight left, even though we’re not going outside.  I’d rather stay inside with my cup of coffee, Noodle with her playdoh kit.  (There is playdoh stuck in places in this house I didn’t know playdoh could go.)

So that’s it.  I napped.  Now I’m going to go catch up on all the things I missed in those precious two hours.  Damned nap.


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