Itchy Witch


My hands are itching today.  Well not literally, but I feel the need to move.  To do something with this hands o’ mine.  I can’t figure out what to work on though.  I know I have some chores to do, and I want to look into quotes for my bedroom wall (stencil time baby!).  I have 3 or 4 knitting projects to work on, and like 2 more I want to start.  Or I can work on my daughter’s dream catcher.  I’ve already colored in the coloring book until Nood kicked me out because I didn’t color in the lines ONCE.  My dogs don’t want to play anymore, and I’ve hung up all the pictures I have and re-arranged the crap in Noodle’s room twice.

Why are my hands so antsy!?

Most likely it’s just because of the season change.  I always get really odd with crafts and projects once the temperature drops.  The bonus of that?  I make a ton of stuff for people at Christmas, and my house gets a make-over.  Again.  I think I drive the boyfriend mad with it all, but he tolerates it and that’s a bonus.  He only starts to show boredom and thoughts of self-annihilation after the first hour in the craft store.  I have to give him credit though, I only last 20 minutes in the video game store.  So fair enough, here’s your gasoline, boy.

When Ryan and I first started dating, there was that queer moment where I wondered if he’d make fun of me because I knit.  I have that moment every once in awhile with friends too, but it passes.  For some reason, with boyfriends, I’ve always been more shy.  I remember he came over once when I was working on Noodle’s blanket, and at the sound of the motorcycle I froze.  I remember looking at the yarn in my hands and wondering if I could drown myself in my coffee.  He walked through the door, glanced at me and started explaining he was going to cook dinner.  Didn’t even noticed I was doing something non-knitters consider only for 80 year old grandmas.  He doesn’t care, if anything I spend more time explaining different stitches and how to weave in alternate colors.  As gay as it is, if we’re watching a movie or talking or something and I’m knitting, he ends up holding the skien more often than not and I laugh.  It’s a preview of the future minus the wrinkles and saggy balls.

Knitting, Crochet and other handmade crafts mean alot to me.  There’s a significant amount of time and effort I put into each project, so that means, if they are gifts that they only go to people I care about, people I know understand what went into each project.  More times than not, if you make fun of me for knitting, then after you see my work, no, I will not be making you that beanie/gloves/scarf/pillow.  Tough shit.  You get a gift card to starbucks.  With 20 cents less than what a latte costs on it. :)

So I think I’m going to work on my own scarf and finish up a co-workers.  We have errands to run this morning, and I’m going to enjoy my down time a little bit longer before we head out.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Don’t kill anyone, do anything dumb, and no, I don’t have bail money.


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