Because I can


Sometimes my brain gets all screwy.  My thoughts jump all over the place and my anxiety tries to strangle me.  Sometimes I get down and can’t really pinpoint the exact reason.  Maybe it’s the weather, the lack of sunlight now that it’s November?  Maybe a lack of sleep or getting up too early after going to bed too late?  I don’t know what it is, but my brain is definitely mixed up today.

I’m still having a hard time with writing, and I think that’s the root of this funk I’m in.  Usually writing is my cure all.  Feeling anxious today?  Write.  Feeling down in the dumps?  Write.  Overwhelmed?  Let’s write!  Furious?  Scribble a bunch and then write.  Happy?  Must write.  Lately though?  I get that urge to write,  I’ll sit down with my journal and as sooooooon as that pen hits the paper, the coherent thought is gone.  The train just derails and not only does it crash, it takes out the entire city of Logic while it’s at it.

So that’s the start of it.  My brain is screwy because I haven’t been able to write.

Writers block.  Isn’t that what they call it?  I call it bullshit.  I’ve never had an issue with writing for this long.  I’ll even admit the last few blogs (however long ago I posted them) are pretty much just crap.  Just crap to have something to post on this pathetic site.  At least there would be something up right?  Yuck.  I quit that.  Ya’ll can just deal with nothing.  It’s better than posting stuff that I had to force my fingers to write.

So seeing as how I just spent 10 minutes trying to find some way to transfer what’s in my head to my fingers… I quit.  Maybe they’ll be better luck tomorrow.  Or with a physical journal.


2 thoughts on “Because I can

  1. Change your environment, if only for a day or two. If you can’t break the writer’s block rut, break a different rut and see if it frees you up. Or you could, you know, try some Activia.

    Lots of writing prompts around the blogosphere, by the way.

    Or you could try this. Put your ear up to the speaker. Go ahead. Right up to it…


    Did that help? I’ll bet your hiccups are gone at least.

  2. I actually was able to break the block (for now) by reading. I chose a book outside of my normal genres and it spurred my thinking… and my adhd took over and bam. I want to write.

    Thanks for yelling though. If I had hiccups, I’m sure they’re gone. :)

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