Taking Financial Charge ( Read: Growing up Blows )


Ahhhh, finances.  The one and only thing that gives me enough of a migraine that I want to shoot myself.  In the foot.  Three times.  Why my foot?  Because my head hurts too much from staring at these goddamned numbers!  Finances.  I’ve been told it’s part of growing up and growing old.  Checking Accounts, Savings CDs, 401Ks and Insurance Policies.  Mortgages, Equity, Taxes and Profit.  You know, I’d like to quit being an adult now, this shit is kind of pissing me off.

So for the past few months I’ve been playing catch up, I got behind on my mortgage and it took that to see the big picture of my debt.  I had been ignoring a large chunk of debt that had just been sitting on my credit score, and getting behind on my mortgage made me look at all of it.  So what wonderful conclusion did I come to?  What mind-blowing epiphany?  Well, I’m still going to ignore a fairly large chunk of it.  Ha.  Take that responsibility.   I have a fairly large amount of medical debt, most of it I’m not even aware of, they’re still trying to figure out which address is mine, and I refuse to call on the accounts the credit assholes sent me with my credit score.  That’ll be my next project.  Oh, and the car my ex-husband got repo-ed?  Yeah, I’ll ignore that too.  They keep wanting to settle and the amount gets lower and lower, that can be pushed off until they get REALLY desperate.

However, there are some things I CAN take care of now that my mortgage is current.  Like the previous entry stated, I’ve agreed to super-duper-low payments for my student loans.  As long as I manage to keep the money in my account for each debit for 9 months, I will no longer be delinquent and it will be off of my credit report.  My credit card also has a high balance (read: low balance but not acceptable to me) which I am going to start paying off.  As well as minor bills here and there that have managed to pop up (read: lab work).  So to do all of this I have started to alter the rough budget I have (not) been following.

So I’m sitting here, paying bills, tweaking my budget and I hate to say it, but it’s… nice.  I’ve never been one to let things get too far behind but getting everything up to par is free-ing.  These next couple of weeks will be tight, as the next paycheck of mine goes straight to the mortgage, but Ry’s paychecks can cover the smaller things as well as pay off some of the crap he has to deal with.  It’s a shame though, this budget I’ve come up with?  I’ll have to tweak in 3 weeks.  Why?  

Supposedly my first paycheck will come with my promotion on it.

Yup.  Yuppppp.  Little Miss Sarah got a promotion at work.  It took a year and a half, and some very unfortunate shiiiite at work went down, but I got the promotion.  Talk about the best holiday gift ever, both the cash portion and moving up in an office I was scared was stagnant.  So this year may have been tough on finances but hopefully this next year will even out.

So as far as I’m concerned.  2012 can bite me, 2013 needs to get here.  I’ve got a clean slate (as clean as possible lol) with my pocketbook, a good job, a great relationship and a wonderful family.  Time to continue on the up and up.  :)


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