Because... Duh!

Because… Duh!


Sometimes when you’re down on your luck, angry or hurting, only a good friend can cheer you up.  I’m lucky, I have a handful of very good friends, and a handful of ladies who I could consider my best friends.  Through out these past few years I’ve learned a lot about friends, and what a friendship is really made up of.  Some of these lessons were painful to learn, but the more painful the lesson, the more important and vital it was.

Today, I’ve been grumpy all day.  I haven’t been feeling good thanks to a long-lasting cold (my compromised immune system blows) and my Crohn’s acting up.  Just a plain awful mood.  I felt like laying in bed, but instead dragged my butt to work and did what I had to do and more.  By the time I got home I was ready to curl up into a ball and sleep.  Ryan told me I had received a card from someone and he left it on the Kitchen Table.  So I open it up and instantly smiled.  A thoughtful card and a handwritten message from a friend made my day.  I wouldn’t use that gay saying “turned that frown upside down” but I wasn’t near tears anymore.

Sometimes the simplest things can fix a bad mood, and a card from a friend after a hard day can cheer you up.  It was just an awesome reminder at the end of my day that I am very lucky to have such great friends.  It also reminded me to return the favor and pay it forward.

Over the years, friendships have died, exploded and spontaneously combusted and I’ve learned.  Real friends can live next-door or across the continent.  Real friends could see you every day or you may have never met in person.  Real friends won’t give up when you’re a shit-head and stand by you when the going gets tough.  I’ve learned that sometimes a skype or phone coffee date is more meaningful than weekly ritual ones.  I’ve learned that taking care of a friends teddy bear means more than a lot of people know.  I’ve learned that friendship isn’t defined by simple terms, but by how much you care about someone.

So to my friends, I love you guys.


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